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The Changes of Rights to African American Education

Author ZhangCui
Tutor WangZhao
School Northwest Normal University
Course History of Education
Keywords African American Education Right to education Separate butequal principle Brown control board of education case
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Black is a special group in the United States ethnic family. Their existence greatly influences the course of American history. Black as a unique race in the United States has been a object which sociologist, historian, jurist and economist pay close attention to. From1620the first batch of Native American blacks arrived to the civil rights movement happened in nineteen sixties, the African American political status changed from slavery to freedom, and then to the right of citizens of the United States explicitly guaranteed. Due to the change of political status, the black American education unceasing developed. At first, the black literacy is a crime, then they established the first black school, and then the" separate but equal" principled, at last, the final abolition is apartheid. The efforts black American do for the education rights is a part of the history of American education.In this paper, the object of study is the black America’s education. In the study of African American history, political status, influence the development of education on the basis of factors, analyzes on the development and changes of American continent from American blacks after the education rights, mainly on the following four parts:the African American slavery before the civil war and the formation of the American blacks in the slavery education lack of rights and slow development of African American citizens; the establishment of the African American citizenship and political rights struggle and the cause of African American education rapidly factors and effectiveness of development; the process of the Cixous Ferguson case and the fight African Americans do for their own right to education; after the Second World War, particularly after the process of Brown’s control of the Board of Education case and the subsequent African-American civil rights movement impact the right to African Americans education. By the analyzing, we know the impact of solve the problem of African American education is the factors of the aftermath of slavery in the history of both the United States, as well as white American deep-rooted racial superiority consciousness. The hard history of African American fight for the right to education tells us, in order to cure this chronic problem, thereby achieving the law and in fact real equality, relying solely on blacks own efforts are not enough, government support and the entire community’s efforts are also essential factor.

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