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Study on children's mathematics learning activity design effective teaching idea

Author LiDeMing
Tutor XieLiMin
School Shanghai Normal University
Course Curriculum and Pedagogy
Keywords Effective teaching concept Children in executive preschool Learningactivities Design of activities Design of learning activities
CLC G613.4
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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"State Planning Outline for Medium and Long-term Education Reform anddevelopment (2010-2020)" proposes that improving the quality of education hasbecome a focus for future education. The transition from early childhood settings toformal schooling is a crucial stage for children development, and to enhance thequality of education and teaching in this stage has become the focus of the currentcurriculum reform. On one hand this study will try to provide concept orientation forchildren who are in the special stage; in addition, it also offers some effective designand teaching practice for the current curriculum reform of preschool education. Thestatus of senior kindergarten is the main period of this stage, while the physicaland mental development of children in the critical period puts forward newchallenges for the main integrated teaching of various education, how to deal withchildren cognition, emotion, operation for adaptability when they enter the firstgrade of primary school needs an effective teaching philosophy. How to enrich theclass teaching idea and put it into the design process of learning activity, need to beconsistent with the development level of the children and meet the needs of thedevelopment of the multiple intelligence. In addition, how to realize a good fit of theidea and reality is also a key point in the research, and namely the activities ofmathematics education must fit for children own cognitive, their preparation andPre-adaptation to grade one. Based on the related research on the mathematicsteaching of kindergarten and primary school in grade one, the paper finds thecurrent teaching problem in the transition from early childhood settings to formalschooling, and puts forward relevant suggestions, in order to support the staff of thetransition from early childhood settings, support children mathematical thinkingdevelopment and teaching quality of the transition from early childhood settings.Based on the above idea, this paper will study from the mathematical disciplineswhich can promote the development of children thinking logic, and takes thedevelopment of children requirements as a starting point, looking forward toproviding theoretical support and value positioning for the development of childrenthinking and good transition from early childhood settings. Thus, this paper puts forward that an effective idea of preschool math activities should contain three basiccharacteristics which are the game (interest), interaction and convergence. Whileenthusiasm and interest of children learning is the design concept of effectivefeedback. And through the relevant investigation, interview and case analysis theauthor pointed out:1.Pre-school explicit teaching objectives,2.The teaching contentis more adult,3. The teachers teaching process is being utilitarian,4. Evaluationmethod of children is single, etc. On the basis of the union of the concept andchildren cognitive, the author puts forward relevant practical location for the designof activities and takes it case analysis, so as to reflect the practical value of the designconcept of its activities and provide a standard of value for future follow-upinvestigation.This thesis is divided into three parts, the first part is the basis of this study, atotal of two chapters: the first chapter is introduction, which mainly introduces theorigin, purpose and significance, the research question, the research hypothesis,research methods and ideas as well as the basic definition of concept; The secondchapter mainly introduces the overview related to this article.The second part is the main part of this paper, including three chapters. Thethird chapter, effective analysis of preschool mathematics learning activity designshows this teaching breakthrough point and gives theoretical guidance. The fourthchapter, the problems and factor analysis of preschool mathematics teaching mainlyelaborate on the current teaching situation and problems. Chapter v activity designdimensions and mode of preschool effective mathematics learning is the core part ofthis paper that is to say it determines the four-dimensional effectiveness criteria andrelated patterns for preschool mathematics activity design of the new curriculumreform.The third part which contains a chapter is the conclusion: Active Design, caseanalysis and feedback, this chapter draws the main conclusions which combines withthe basis of the previous section discussed, put forward the lack of research andfuture prospects.

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