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Narrative research is a male primary school teachers occupation social development road

Author SunJingYan
Tutor XiangYaGuang
School Shanghai Normal University
Course Principles of Education
Keywords Male Teachers in Primary Schools OccupationalSocialization Individual Cases Narrative Research
CLC G625.1
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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As a low proportion of primary school teachers, but a special position in thisgroup, male teachers’ occupational socialized developments have a direct impact onthe process of basic educational reform. Teachers play the most important roles inthe cause of education. The teachers are the organizers and performers ofeducational activities, which is one of the key factors in the success of educationreform. With the promotion of education reform, teachers are becoming more andmore important in role of education reform, and theirs occupational socializeddevelopments cause more and more peoples attention, which has become a hotissue in the field of educational research. To build a team of primary school teachers,we have to face the problem of serious gender imbalance in primary school. To be aprimary school teacher, personal experiences and interests led me concerned aboutthe occupational socialized development of male teachers in primary schools fromthe real life, thus making their voices heard who have been in a silent aphasia, whichprompts me to make a research in the way of narrative inquiry. The author tries tostudy the occupational socialized development of male teachers in primary schools ina new perspective from detailed dynamic description and analysis of occupationalsocialized development of male teachers in primary schools at the micro level.This paper is divided into four chapters. The first chapter is the introductionwhich consists of the reasons of the topic, research purposes, significance of thispaper, research methods and related concepts defined. The second chapter is thetheoretical perspective and literature review, which introduce the stage theories anddevelopment of teachers’ occupational socialization, laying down the foundation forlater interpretation. The third chapter is the narration of the leading actor’soccupational socialized development, mainly from the early period, the mediumperiod and his present situation of Hao Bing’s occupation. The author represents thebasic process of the occupational socialization of the primary teachers from theaspect of the family environment, school experience, working environment, socialenvironment and personal characteristics, to explore the behind multiple motives. The fourth chapter is to understand the occupational socialized development of maleteachers in primary schools, respectively from Hao Bing’s advantages of occupationalsocialized development, the future of the developments of male teachers in primaryschools, with the ending of the limitations of the this paper.

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