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Linguistic Factors Affecting Word Problem Difficulty in Elementary Mathematics

Author DaiLiYang
Tutor KongQiPing
School East China Normal University
Course Disciplinary education
Keywords Elementary mathematics word problem Linguistic factors Linear Logistic Test Model Differential item functioning
CLC G623.5
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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The relationship between language and thinking is old and charming eternal topic of countless philosophers, psychologists, because of the math in our daily lives are closely related, and the mathematics curriculum basically mandatory course for all countries in the world, so that the relationship between language and mathematics are increasingly concern. On the other hand, according to Mayer’s definition, word problems are described as that it’s using the language in the form of a calculation of the problem situation, solving the word problem correctly may need to have a certain language comprehension ability. Mathematics curriculum in the primary stage, word problem is the most important form of problem solving, which of students’exposure, According to studies, the students can not resolve the Elementary Mathematics Problem correctly, are not lack of mathematical knowledge, the reason is lack of language comprehension, what kind of language factors in word problem will affect students answer word problem correctly, the issue Is concerned. The current research about Chinese language (including reading skills) affect Math Problem solving is not too much, so, it needs research and exploration. What kind of language factors in the word problem will affect students correctly solve word problem, to this question, the author of this paper will quantify the word problem difficulty, through analysis of language in the word problem and other factors which are called that difficulty component (also called the cognitive component), research the relationship between language factors and word problem, it can recommend teachers prepared the test, and classroom teaching.In this paper, because research the basis of the relationship between the difficulty of the word problem and language factors, so the Author put forward three questions:language factors affect the difficulty of word problems presents the random effects or fixed effects? Linguistic factors in the word problem for the difficulty of the word problem whether the statistical significance of the significant, this effect will produce changes to the difficulty of word problem? For Elementary Mathematics Problem, what kind of linguistic factors will have primary school mathematical word problems to solve the production of Differential Item Functioning?This study tool is the preparation of our own word problem questionnaire (which includes20word problem and three pure computational problems), the sample size is522, it derived from the third class of the five primary schools of the city W of the Province H, in southwest of China. because modeling the word problem difficulty, model for Linear Logistic Test Model, which were fixed effects of linguistic factors, language factor random effects, fixed effects, with the language of the error factors with an error factor random effects model, the ultimate basis for the goodness of fit index, select the language factor Linear Logistic Test Model of the fixed effects model for the study.Linear Logistic Test Model parameter estimation and subsequent latent class analysis and Differential Item Functioning. This article findings show:this article by select the language factor encoded on the difficulty of word problem, statistically significant while on the Differential item functioning, through the analysis found, all questions not has Differential item functioning, so taken for granted in the language Differential item functioning factors will not bias the students correctly solve application problems, will not cause harm fair examination.

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