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A Study of Lao She’s Reference and Development from Dickens’ Works

Author MiaoYanHong
Tutor LiuShuBei
School Shanxi University
Course Comparative Literature and World Literature
Keywords Dickens Lao She Humor Ichii little people Developing
CLC I207.42
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Ever since the May Fourth Movement, the influence of Western Learning tide, almost all the writers of the history of modern Chinese literature are subject to the impact of foreign literature. Lao She is one of the most typical one. In 1924, he set foot on British soil, and embarked on the road of creation in London. In his literary creative process, he had been subjected to British writer Charles Dickens, Conrad, Wales, the Italian writer Dante and Russian literature and foreign literature. His first foreign literature teacher is Dickens, the creation of his life the greatest impact is also Dickens. It can be said, if not inspired by Charles Dickens, Lao She would not have embarked on the road of literary creation. This direct impact is reflected in the creation of pre-Lao She, along with the creation of Lao She's mature aesthetic style, choice of theme, characterization, Dickens created learn, but he works more embodies the rich ethnic characteristics. It can be said that the creation of the Lao She lessons the British writer Dickens nutrients, and yet the root of Chinese culture, based on the Charles Dickens created reference and development became a master writer on China's literary. This paper discusses the development of Dickens creation of Lao She and Lao She, learn from Dickens creation basis. The text is divided into three chapters, the first chapter is introduced in the British period Dickens inspired by the works of Lao She. The second chapter discusses Dickens Lao She's literary creation, this effect is mainly reflected in two aspects: First, from the style of the works of creation, Lao She's humor temperament Dickens is quite similar. Lao She's learning Dickens, humor become the main aesthetic characteristics of its creation. It can be said, no humor, no two writers. Their humor is mainly concentrated expression of in humorous characters shaping and unreasonable social system ridicule. Secondly, Dickens on the image of the shape of little people in public works of Lao She's a great influence. The Dickens grassroots London as his main description of the characters, and the Lao She is his little people familiar with Beijing well written into his works. The third chapter discusses the impact of the development on the basis of creation of Lao She in Dickens. Because two of the kingdom in which different era, Lao She, in reference to Dickens retained localization style. Lao She's humor is a Beijing accent language relying on humor, humor in tragedy kernel, which tend to Dickens cartoons and the exaggerated style of humor is different. Lao She works reflect a more strict realism features, the grassroots image he depicts who embodies the deep Chinese traditional culture, these little tragedies economic reasons, but the deeper cultural reasons. Works of Lao She's \Therefore, Mr. Lao She's creation reflect the breadth and depth of life reflects the development draw Dickens creation basis.

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