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Study of Chinese Teachers’ Living Status in Poor Areas

Author YuanXingXing
Tutor ChengDaZuo
School Hunan Normal University
Course Curriculum and Pedagogy
Keywords poverty-stricken area Chinese Teacher living status countermeasure
CLC G633.3
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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At present, Many people question the language education in society,give the language teachers sharp criticism. They think the Chinese education is failed and invalid. The Chinese teachers of poor areas are complaining poor living state too, think themselves have no wrong. After all, who is right and who is wrong? What is the real life of Chinese teachers in poor areas?This paper is completed by questionnaire and conversation survey, combining with literature research, to focus on language teacher living state of poor areas. Teachers of Chinese language play a very important role in the students’ growth. They are the Chinese national culture’s communicator, the student’s intelligence digger; They cultivate the student’s individuality and soul; They are the trainers of student’s communication and adapt to the society. Only good teachers can cultivate good students. Chinese teachers’ professional quality and psychological quality directly affects the growth of the students, Focus on Chinese teacher living condition is concerned with the growth of the studentsChinese teachers’living condition is not optimistic. Mainly displays in:"the total income level is low; all kinds of pressure, psychological state is not good; low social place; long hours work, the total big, work very hard; Poor interpersonal relationships, life circle is narrow; lost the leisure entertainment; both body and mind are not free, job burnout is serious; professional quality is poor which can’t competent for the job needs; lack of awareness of scientific research and innovation spirit; job involvement is bad; they become more and more secularization, vulgarize, materialistic,far scholar, lost of spiritual home; unhappiness.This kind of living condition which has seriously influenced teachers’ health and working state, need to be improved.This paper tries to put forward opinions from four aspects to improve teachers’living condition. One is the national (government) level. The country should enhance education investment, tilt to poor areas, improve teachers’ salary level, And promote education justice; reform salary to reach a basic unification in a province; to strengthen the construction of teachers’ team, strict entrance and check examinations, and strength the training process; perfect the education systems and mechanism, raise money and make special fund is spent specially; strength the reform of curriculum,the examination and appraisal system to reduce the burden and the pressure of teachers and students; reduce the administrative interference to give education more free development space; Perfect primary and middle schools management system.The second is the social level, Society should strengthen the exchange and communication with the schools, to create a "tolerant, understanding sustaining, harmonious and respectful" education atmosphere; The third is the school level. The school should set up "people-oriented" education idea, pay more attention to the teacher and students’physical and mental health, reduce the pressure of teachers and students, build sweet, harmonious, safety, green and beautiful campus environment; School leaders should change the work style, asking teachers for advice about management, demands, strategies give teachers’master feeling and rights of supervision and voicing.The fourth is the teachers level. Teachers should enhance the "soft and hard" strength of themselves’, keep learning, progressing and creation, to become scholar teachers; Learn to be kind of themselves, improve their psychological quality, and train good psychological quality, adjust their mental state; strengthen communication and interpersonal,work hand in hand with colleagues to build a brilliant future education.

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