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A Study of Eco-Womanism in Alice Walker’s Works

Author BianJie
Tutor WangXiaoYing
School Nanjing Normal University
Course English and American Literature
Keywords Western ecofeminism Alice Walker Eco womanist African roots Behaviorism
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Alice Walker (Alice Walker, 1944 -) is a contemporary American literature on a shining star, from the 1870s onwards, she has been active in the American literature, became the most influential contemporary American women writers a. Reviewer on her early research work focused largely on feminist perspective, but there are more inclined to ecological doctrine or interpretation of ecofeminism. However, the ecological literary theory and practice from Western countries, often with a fixed theories and models to analyze the works, which obscured the author's own diverse ideological connotations. This paper argues that Walker works embodied ecological thinking is not the West ecofeminism can define, because it has a more unique content. Based on Walker novels, essays and poetry of the representative works of research, trying to analyze and interpret the meaning of her unique ecological awareness and ecological thinking, through eco-feminism and Western comparing Walker to explore the significance of Feminism and Ecological Thought value. This paper argues that the West is different ecofeminism is that Walker is an eco-womanist (eco-womanist). First, Walker stressed that black women experience social factors, they are not associated with the natural passively, in fact, they are the creation and preservation of life in the struggle with nature closely linked, which highlights the relationship between black women and nature historical and social, thus eliminating the essentialism suspects; secondly, Walker his \black women's state of mind. Her natural oppression, gender oppression and racial oppression carried out the complex relationship between specifically addressed, beyond their understanding of Western feminism focuses on eco-sexist perspective, the nature and destiny of black women linked to racism and gender development discrimination doctrine of common oppression this background; Finally, more attention Walker combining theory and practice. In order to pursue the ideal of human existence complete, Walker active part in all for the natural environment, fighting for the rights of black women's social action to go, not only in the works to the people to spiritual enlightenment, and more is to act for her feminism ecological awareness Liyan. Walker literary connotation in the fight for gender equality is not only the struggle against racial discrimination ingredients together, and more importantly, it expresses different sexes of different races of mankind from Confrontation to coexist, from the suppression of natural and human harmony, integrity and survival of human beings in order to achieve complete ideals. Walker works in the ecological thought has meaning beyond the work itself, and the Western ecofeminism compared to Walker's ecological ideas on the development of humanity as a whole is more enlightening.

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