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High School Chinese Classical Poetry "Convey Emotion through Poems" Teaching Research

Author LiuZuoYu
Tutor HuangJiHong
School Northeast Normal University
Course Subject Teaching
Keywords High school Chinese Classical poetry Convey emotion through poems Poetry teaching
CLC G633.3
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Classical poetry is not only the Chinese nation ’s precious spiritual wealth, but alsoto the world of traditional Chinese culture of communication. Classical poetry teachingin senior high school is an important part of Chinese teaching, but also the traditionalteaching contents. However, due to the poem itself, long time, image characteristics offuzzy, caused a teacher to teach poetry teaching in the process of the old ways,dismemberment, destruction of poetry poetry integrity etc, also caused a lot of students’understanding of a poetry school-weariness.With the increased emphasis on poetry education and many educators on poetryteaching new knowledge, new exploration, in the Ministry of Education issued the newcurriculum standard about poetry appreciation requirement to also rise further, such as"culture of the appreciation of poetry, prose works" interest" to understand the workthought connotation, explore the rich connotation of the works, comprehend op artcharm", also called " try to poetry, prose creation.” and so on. At the same time, with themajority of students fate closely linked to the entrance, to the appreciation of classicalpoetry study also reflects the many changes, the students subjective understanding,grasp the poetry connotation has put forward higher requirements. The traditional words,translation skills, the old teaching mode has failed to respond to the new learning, examsituation.In view of the classical poetry in the language teaching and the important positionof the above changes, the author thinks it is necessary to further explore the effectiveclassical poetry teaching method to improve students’ Chinese accomplishment andaesthetic sentiment, and the ability to learn in order to practise. Poetry since ancienttimes is the poet’s most sincere sentiments--" Emotion" expression, and these feelings,it is most likely to move people, most can impact student mind makes it have strongcultural identity, by cultivate emotional point. This paper is dedicated to the research ofhigh school classical poetry teaching" Convey emotion through poems", for example inteaching how to inherit, regression of ancient poem" Emotion ", how to carry outpractice teaching," expressing", how to let students grasp the classical poetry of"Emotion " at the same time to borrow the previous poem of his emotion, how to let thestudent learn in order to practise, together. Hope that through the focus on the love ofpoetry, to improve the students’ learning enthusiasm and the classical poetry of classicalpoetry overall grasp the degree, so as to improve the ability of appreciation of classicalpoetry.

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