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The Exploration of the Traditional Chinese Opera Materials Selected and It’s Teaching in the Senior High School

Author ChenLu
Tutor HuangJiHong
School Northeast Normal University
Course Subject Teaching
Keywords Traditional Chinese Opera literature Textbooks selection articles Theteaching methods of the traditional Chinese opera
CLC G633.3
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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The traditional Chinese opera has entered the high school language classroom formany years. It is a drama teaching, with the value of teaching can not be replaced. Thetraditional Chinese drama text teaching can not only help students accumulate therelated drama knowledge, also can cultivate their temperament, enhance theaccumulation of tradition culture. The traditional Chinese opera is usually used todeduce the story about people love to see and hear. It’s ideological field relates to thefeudal orthodox literature did not dare to touch the area. The Traditional Chinesedrama creative imagination and advocating the suit and the common people of the artfrom, is the elegant literature with the students have learned much difference.Through a combination of explain the specific opera selection, will let the studentsunderstand the Chinese ancient opera’unique highly comprehensive artistic charm thatdifferent from poetry, prose, fiction. Worthy of our consideration is what kind ofdrama teaching can improve the students’ comprehensive language accomplishment.The two aspect of this paper is in the textbooks of Chinese opera selection andpractice teaching research.The first chapter: I conducted a survey of two regions of two high schoolstudents. From the result of de survey I got a preliminary understand about thestudents’ interest in learning, learning methods and harvest.The second chapter: The Chinese textbook about ancient Chinese opera selectionand arrangement system directly restricts the drama teaching quality. Firstly, I made acomparative analysis about the selections, and then investigated the current severaleditions of textbooks opera selections’practice system and knowledge system, andfinally to study the linkage of degree opera selected article between the junior andsenior high school.The third chapter: First, analyzing the present some kinds of drama teachingmethods, then finding the teaching methods of the Chinese ancient opera in seniorhigh school from the drama essay dramatic conflicts, language form and aestheticrequirements of drama, so that the students would have a more comprehensiveunderstanding and the profound of Chinese ancient opera, and enhance the studentsunderstanding of opera culture.

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