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Gender and Tess’ Tragedy

Author YangXiuBo
Tutor WuGang
School Shanghai International Studies University
Course English Language and Literature
Keywords English Literature Thomas Hardy Tess Unconscious
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Tess - Hardy portrayed famous people by the people all over the world love. For this figure is quite controversial. Her noble character, pure and good, and end with a knife murder, the loss of a young life. She is the epitome of the unfortunate experience of women in society. This article discusses the the Tess tragedy inevitability reason. In the male-centered society, the women prepared to be discriminated against. In the long history of human society, women are almost always in the status of the oppressed. For women, the people there are deep-rooted prejudices. Lack of status of women in society, was detained in a small environment, lack of economic rights, the right to education, as well as which derived from a variety of personal freedom powers, such as the right to speak, the right to freedom of choice in marriage. The profound traditional formation of a collective unconscious, to penetrate into the depths of people's hearts, constitute a beneficial Tess of tragedy and growth \Tess has been in extreme poverty. The lack of property became the root of her tragedy, push factors and the ultimate deciding factor. The lack of property caused by the lack of rights. For the life force, she approached a lack of moral values ??Alec plight. Angel fell in love with was abandoned on their wedding night, and eventual tragedy. The reason is that society for women - especially for prejudice deflowered women at work. The paper uses the unconscious theories of Carl Jung's and Freud's psychoanalytic theory, text analysis method and the use of elaborate Tess tragic reason. Explanation and the popular Tess tragedy reason - the hypocrisy of bourgeois hypocrisy and Angel, the paper argues that Angel is a person of integrity - his response in line with people's natural. Era of upheaval in the mode of production and way of life of that society, the old and the new ideas in the event of a violent collision, reflect the Angel who is his bitter ideological struggle - the hypocrisy of people do not put the emotions, will not be painful . As a person living in that particular era, Angel can not be divorced from his era. Him to accept new ideas, but the traditional concept of penetration of genetic and social and family environment in his heart of hearts, at the moment of being triggered, the the dormant old ideas shows great destructive power. Ideological struggle Angel tortured. After a long ideological struggle, he was finally able to accept Tess - but tragedy cast, has irreparably. Although he belongs objective, the victimizers, but in essence, he was also a victim. Encountered either good or wicked, Tess are unable to shake off the fetters of the tragic fate - the reason is intriguing. Social traditions of the evil in the hearts of everyone in the community as a whole, weaving an invisible network - the use of unconscious forces to determine people's actions, but also doomed Tess unfortunate. Alec and Angel, phase do not Tianrang they formed a kind of complicity in the tragedy of Tess - and the fact that behind them with a deeper social connotations.

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