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The Research on Female Roles in the Junior Chinese Textbook

Author Liu
Tutor AiXing
School Southwestern University
Course Curriculum and Pedagogy
Keywords Women’s roles language textbook gender stereotypes
CLC G633.3
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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The present period is characterized by the active awakening of feminine consciousness. In such context, the issue of how to ensure the gender equality in education has become an important topic in the education area. A large number of domestic and foreign studies have shown that:Chinese textbook currently used by most junior high school have significant paternal imprinting, with course content include gender role stereotype. The present study starts from this point view and female role in junior high school Chinese textbook.The research consists of five parts.The introduction part is mainly about the literature review of previous research of gender role in junior high school textbook;The second part is the theory basis of this study. This section works as the starting point as well as the theoretical support of this study. The explanations of the social learning theory, cognitive development theory, Maslow’s need hierarchy theory and feminism curriculum theory are briefly described and illustrated in this part.The third part is about the present situation and problems of female role defining in the new edition of junior high school Chinese textbook published by Chinese people press. The study is conducted by the way of analyzing the quantity, type, distribution of heroine in the textbook.The fourth part concerned about the reflection of female role defining. Data on the junior high school students’view of the female role in their Chinese textbooks are collected and analyzed. This study stands in students’ points, trying to find the problems of female role defining. Some countermeasures are put forward based on some practical problems in the fifth part. This part tries to explore how to enrich female roles in junior high school textbooks to achieve gender equality in education.Among the five parts, the third and fifth part is the focus and core of this paper.A series of search and research are conducted to, thus to find the missing points in previous studies. The deep exploration of the controversial issues in this study is conducted by the author with the purpose of attracting more attention of female role defining in Chinese textbook.The junior high school period is an important stage of the gender role socialization. However, the gender ideology passed by junior high school Chinese textbook pose great influence on the establishment of student scientific and impartial view of gender, together with the students’objective, impartial attitude toward females. Students’ outlook on life, values and their emotional attitude also are influenced by environment effects.As to students, they frequently contact with the textbooks, and if the textbooks have not handled the problem properly, students are easily to have unreasonable view of gender role. The wrong identification of female roles will affect their self-perception and their ability to deal with some complicated issues in their life course.Therefore, the author thinks that no matter from the theory or the reality, there is a great necessity to investigate the female roles in junior high school Chinese textbook. The method of documents analysis, data analysis, content analysis, and questionnaire are used in this paper.By using the method of documentary analysis on the previous researches, the learning theory, the related theory of feminism, and Chinese subject new curriculum standard are used as the basis of this paper. Data on the feminine role defining in junior high school Chinese books is collected and analyzed, trying to find the real problem of it and solution to those problems. In this way to make the research real and scientific

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