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A foreign land anxious

Author YangJinLing
Tutor ZhouYiFu
School Jilin University
Course Japanese Language and Literature
Keywords Hesitate Nationalist Preparation phase Times
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Japan's modern literary history, Yokomitsu First, a very special writer, literary works is the special cultural product of a specific product of the times, like him because of the changing times and subject to extreme or even completely opposite value that the writer is extremely rare. In this sense, era of Yokomitsu both created \The literary situation Yokomitsu, but also a direct reflection of the ups and downs of the Japanese modern literature. The literary interpretation Yokomitsu, an understanding of the changes in modern Japanese literature is important. Yokomitsu was born in Fukushima Prefecture, Japan in 1898, grew up in school star. After the Great Kanto Earthquake in 1923, the new art of the Western expressionism, Dadaism, futuristic, cubist, surreal pie factions into the Japanese literary world takes on a new opportunity, rookie writer giving birth to dozens of writers co-founded Literary Time \In 1924, Yokomitsu published in the first issue of the short story \In this regard, Chiba turtle hung Reviews for \As a result, the name of the new sensualist formalized, with a new sense garde movements flourished. The horizontal light works in the central position of the new Sensualism, the novel was written in 1928-1931 - \Since then, the short story \After the end of World War II, horizontal light for various war activities as the person responsible for the war fierce criticism, is highly critical of the end of a rich and tortuous life in 1947. The old age unfinished masterpiece \For the evaluation of Yokomitsu, considerable change with changing times. New Sensation School era, the literary world was once called \After 1945, because of the war era to promote nationalist, has been strongly critical and negative. 10 years after the war, complete denial of a wave of cross-light died down, to Hirai wild, Ito whole and Odagiri Hideo represented by the critics of the research results have come out, appeared thought rediscover the Yokomitsu works. Today, it is necessary to re-examine the significance of the cross of light works. \to make. \Work, the author its horizons in Shanghai for the material, describing the living conditions of the ghostly Japanese stranded in Shanghai. A Sugimoto Miki like the girl in the Turkish bath was the bathroom the proprietress A willow jealousy, was fired A cedar desperate prostitution. Miki friends A Valley is a timber merchant, love at first sight the dancers Palace sub wished to marry his wife, but was rejected. Re-inauguration, because the the Miki unemployment conflict with the boss in the high weight of Toyo Cotton rescued twice in the anti-imperialist movement the women Communists aryl Qiulan, aromatic but because the contact and Miki and whereabouts unknown. Intensification of the contradiction between workers and capitalists, the strike began, Miki unemployed again visited the prostitution A cedar, two people in the same boat, dimly lit room A cedar comforting each other and wait for the arrival of the Marines. \Works describing the characters living less, not so close contact of each chapter, mainly by the activities of the characters, showing its dynamic characteristics of the novel is obvious. In recent years, the literature is very popular for the study of \The focus of debate in addition to the artistic techniques of, mostly standing critical the militarism position, strongly criticized the writers and their works; On the other hand, a small number of right-wingers in order to do for the war excuse, beautification of the war attitude, one-sided distortion of works the idea of ??the content and writer. Can say that these two tendencies writers and their works are not objective discussion, so humble on the re-read \the violent collision of forces, in order to examine the cross as a writer of light in changing times change in outlook on life, as well as the author of the Japanese national idea. \These people, Yokomitsu focus on describing a \Miki has been a single description - \This figure includes more than one side, with extremely complex characters. The essence of Miki in my opinion, is rooted in the faith and morals not reconcile with reality even split caused by the anxious state of mind. First of all, the work of misconduct touch Miki moral bottom line, and this misconduct reflects the capitalist corruption hidden under the surface of the international financial market. Miki During a visit to the labor status of the textile factory workers saw capitalist plunder of raw materials and labor to the Chinese people brought calamities. Sympathy, on the other hand the one hand, the workers in favor of Japan's behavior in order to develop the means to obtain raw materials and labor. This contradiction is Yokomitsu I heart loss portrayal. Japan's economic strength and the contrast is even more poor and weak, Yokomitsu feel alone financial investment, it is impossible to defeat a strong opponent. See the harsh reality of Shanghai was the law of the jungle, Miki concluded that \ideological obstacles. Miki around the hero, the story of the wide variety of women's collective staged. I cite three women, for example, to explore their symbolic significance, in order to elucidate the the anxious essence of the hero heart. Miki was in love with the works never played a positive competing child has a wife, not compensated for the love of competing sub, the mood and thoughts of love in Japan after an absence of ten years are similar. Competing sub symbolizes not go back to Japan; A cedar is a symbol of Japan ravaged; has new ideas aromatic Orchids and out of tune with the thinking of the Miki. Miki in love with them, but can not do anything to them. As Miki also love Japan, but no one to turn to serve the country. Miki can not find the meaning of existence, wandering the streets of Shanghai in a foreign land. Miki finally concluded, \Cross light not do anything for Japan to contribute to the sense of powerlessness by Miki manifested, and concluded that, in order to save the A cedar competing child well-being, must become the ruler of Japan. In order for Japan to become strong, you must hold on tightly to Japan's sovereignty, thus Yokomitsu the more determined to Japan 'aggression beliefs. Through the Miki analysis, we can easily see the cross of light projected on the body of the hero anxious. In 1928, Yokomitsu facing internal and external encountered in the creation of their own to find a way out of the crisis in order to give to Shanghai. Their ideals, beliefs again and again because of the changing times subversion. To seek solutions to the problems of cross-light performance of his mind anxious by Miki Miki around various characters exchange. Japan's future, the problem of colonial control, financial markets, Marxist and other thinking and uncertainty, by Miki the mouth of eleven to be explored thus manifested. Anxious Finally, the Yokomitsu think the answer is \To do the groundwork for during the war Yokomitsu the ideological. As the source of the idea of ??Yokomitsu anxious, from the following two aspects to be analyzed. First of all, it is caused by the distrust and lack of knowledge of Marxism. Yokomitsu interest in Marxism, to be treated as a life-long research project. However, he understood merely in the level of social revolution and class struggle. Set of of aromatic Qiulan characters, does not meet the actual situation of the Chinese Communist Party members, reflecting the lack of cross light on the understanding of the Chinese Revolution and the Chinese Communist Party. The various deficiencies led to his Marxist longing and resist, eager and exclusion. The initial version of the magazine, some of Miki agree with the description of the aromatic Orchids and Marxist point of view, but in the end the final version of the \and more exclusive Marxist tendency. Secondly, the reason lies in the thinking of the transverse optical narrow-minded nationalism. Yokomitsu said by the mouth of a valley race theory, showed hostility to the West and the resistance, which Western hostility to their home country, Japanese sake. Powerful Western powers threatened the interests of Japan Yokomitsu hope expulsion of Western powers, scored by the Japanese colonial power in Shanghai. The cross light recognition as the existence of the colony, and agree with predatory countries colonists in Shanghai, which is the the basis of Yokomitsu thought, but also a flagrant violation of the national feelings of the Chinese people and national interests. Cross light and with Yamaguchi extreme militarism As a comparison, to prove the legitimacy of their own nationalist ideology. This is a sophistry. Although the idea of ??cross light and blatant militarism not exactly the same, but it is also naked aggression thought to form the intent of aggression and expansion. Thus, Yokomitsu because of the lack of knowledge of Marxism and narrow nationalist ideology, into a deep hesitation, and finally embarked on the road of a nationalist. Think of war during the war behavior, \The cross light later nationalist ideological formation, was the reflection of Japanese society as a whole, and not just his personal depravity. The cross light last unfinished masterpiece Brigade worry, \\Due to space limitations, this issue as a future topic in-depth study.

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