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Causes and Countermeasures in teaching fine professional mathematics underachievers in Vocational

Author ZhangChengHua
Tutor YangZeZhong
School Shandong Normal University
Course Subject Teaching
Keywords kindergarten teaching mathematics underachiever causes teaching measures
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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In recent year, the problem of underachievers in math is an important content insecondary school mathematics teaching. With the development of vocational education andthe expended of vocational school, the number of underachievers in vocational mathematicshad became more and more. Particularly in the students whose major is the preschooleducation, this phenomenon is the most serious. According to the survey, more than half ofthe students are underachievers in math in secondary vocational schools. The math teachingfor the student who is major in preschool education has become a serious problem. It blocksstudents’ chances for all-round development. It doesn’t only affect the teaching but also thestudying. By access to a great deal of theories, the author found there is no special study forthe underachievers in math major in preschool education. For solving this problem, thesignificant survey has to be done to find out the reasons and the right way to solve thesituation of the preschool education’ math learning.In this paper, the author firstly analyzed the current statue of the students who is major inthe preschool education in math learning, and raised the subject about the math learning of thepreschool education in the vocational schools. The main reasons why underachievers ofvocational and kindergarten mathematics teaching was formation had been researched. Andteaching strategies for these reasons should have been taken.Secondly, the author had undergone questionnaire and analysis vocation schools’ under-achievers in math. By analyzing the data of the questionnaires, the results and conclusionwere given:1. The students did not develop the good preview habit before classing.2. In the process of class, students did not concentrate on lectures and did not grasp thekey points.3. The problems encountered in class had not been resolved in time.4. Students had not summarized points and wrong question what they have learned.Students could not finish the homework in time.5. The students did not establish a clear review target and lacked the active learningpower.6. Students did not have the correct learning attitude.7. Students had not lacked motivation for learning and did not have the career planning. 8. Students had lacked self-confidence about learning mathematic.9. Students deem to be inappropriate for the reason why the mathematical learning didnot good.Thirdly, according to the problems by surveys, the reasons that the problems has beenmentioned above were identified by conducting the in-depth and detailed interviews withstudents, in the following areas:1.The student didn’t make a good preparation. In other words, they didn’t develop goodlearning habits.2.Students have incorrect learning ideas.3.Students had poor self-control, andinfluenced by the environment.4.Students had seriously lacked of confidence in mathematicslearning, and even given up on themselves.5.The lack of a firm and independent character.6.The influences of kindergarten teaching professional.7.The teachers did not timelyadjustment of teaching methods.Fourth, against to the formation reasons of the mathematic underachievers in thekindergarten teaching for vocational school, and the learning characteristics of students, theteaching countermeasures had been developed. Teachers in the teaching should do mainly thefollowing:1.Change the learning methods and habits.2.Change the students’ thoughts inlearning.3.Change the environment of learning4.Teachers can not give up any one student.5.The teachers should adjust their teaching methods.6.Teachers should pay attention to themathematical underachiever on the ability to accept differences, improve teaching methods.7.Teachers respect and accept the less advanced students, establishment a harmoniousteacher-student feelings.8.Combined with real-life examples to strengthen the visual teaching.9.Added to the math class interesting, and simplified the complex mathematical problems.10.Teachers in the classroom clearly demands on students and directly arranged every aspectof the learning task.11.Combined with the characteristics of kindergarten teaching and formathematical literacy education, the level of students as a preschool teacher was improved.Finally, teaching Countermeasures conducted comparative experiments in themathematical underachiever of the vocational kindergarten teaching. We select two parallelclasses to carry a semester teaching experiment. Two classes used different teaching methods.According to the above experiment, the atmosphere of the classroom learning, students’learning habits, learning methods, interest in learning and test scores were compared.Experiments show that applications developed teaching countermeasures is reasonable andeffective. The Conversion work for underachiever carried out smoothly. Through the researchand practice, the influence of mathematics learning for the underachiever learning methods,study habits, mathematics, and motivation and so on should be valued. The student should begiven more understanding and tolerance, and the teachers should be patient enough to change the underachievers. Only in this way, the preschool educations underachievers can get rid ofmath learning disable and get the all-rounded development.

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