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Algorithm Diagram of Cultivating High School Students’ Ability to Solve Practical Problems of Strategy Research

Author LiYan
Tutor HuangXiang
School Chongqing Normal University
Course Curriculum and Pedagogy
Keywords algorithm program flow diagram high school students strategies
CLC G633.6
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Along with the new mathematics curriculum reform vigorously, and domesticexperts, scholars and teachers of senior high school in the new curriculum ofmathematics algorithm for this new content is studied. Algorithm is an important part ofmathematics and its applications, is the important foundation of computational science.This paper mainly wants through the high school mathematics teaching method,combining with the analysis of specific examples, to experience the program blockdiagram in the solution of practical problems of the role, by imitation, operation,exploration, learning design program of the expression problem solving process,improve the students’ ability to solve practical problems.This paper mainly adopts literature method, questionnaire method, empiricalresearch, case analysis. Firstly, expounds the background and the purpose andsignificance of the study, and the program flow diagram of cultivating students’ abilityto solve practical problems for a review of the literature, including the research status athome and abroad. Secondly, deep into the education theory, in-depth excavation of theprogram block diagram and the cultivation of high school students’ ability to solvepractical problems of contact, including: enhance the logic, to reveal the process,expression method, have maneuverability, cultivation of application consciousness andcreativity.Finally, the author of the Chongqing city of two rivers middle school high schoolstudent has been done using diagram solution actual problem ability test andquestionnaire, using SPSS17and Excel software to carry on the analysis, the researchconclusion, proposed the use of program of training students’ ability to solve practicalproblems strategies. Research of the main conclusions are: class (experimental class, parallel class)on students program block diagram application of various types of the problem and thetotal score significantly, gender on student program block diagram application ofvarious types of problem and the total effect is not distinct, interest on student programblock diagram application of various types of the problem and the total scoresignificantly, students in the learning and research activities in the subjective initiativestill need to improve, most of the students do exist in understanding, transformation,structural barriers, in addition, students of teachers’ teaching and textbook writingcomments.Specific strategies are: stratified teaching, pay attention to the differences,including emphasis on the experimental class, parallel class differences, both students ofdifferent sex differences; content selection, cultivation of interest, can choose ofsupplementary materials and in connection with the actual examples, contact the studentlife problem, in our country and in the world of classical culture in the classic case, aswell as having physical, biological and other background examples; the creation ofcontext, to encourage exploration; teaching methods varied, breakthrough difficulty;selection is flexible, a case of multipurpose; capture the essence of, pay attention tointrospection.

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