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Strategy of the Correction of High School Mathematics Homework Under the Small-class Education

Author ShangANi
Tutor LuXinSheng
School Shanghai Normal University
Course Subject Teaching
Keywords small-class education high school mathematics homeworkcorrection the “face to face” model of homework correction
CLC G633.6
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Correction of high school mathematics homework is that the teacher checksstudents mastery of the knowledge, and finds important ways of the problems whichexist in teaching, and that it is an important basis for reasonable arrangements of theteaching progress, the difficulty and the depth. If the correction of high schoolmathematics homework remains the way that teachers only write“√”or“×”in the past decades,it is not enough to communicate with students. Nowadays, Smallclass education has become a new trend of the development of education in china. Itis a new type of class and adapts to the social development and educational needs ofpersonalized teaching. Therefore, the research on the theoretical basis and thedevelopment of small-class education homework correcting strategy andimplementation strategy has very important practical value and guiding significance.The thesis is based on the feedback theory, modern educational theory, modernlearning theory and homework functional theory, combining the Mathematicsteaching experience of senior high school for about ten years. It makes use ofresearch methods combining literature, questionnaire, action research, teachingpractice, teaching effects together to research the problems of traditionalMathematics homework correcting and its solutions. It shows that homeworkcorrecting strategies are more diverse, especially the "face to face" model is morefeasible and popular, the advantages of flexibility of small-sized class in homeworkcorrection, especially correcting face to face.. Small-class education helps to deepenthe implementation of the new curriculum reform which advocates the concept of"comprehensive development" and "personality development". It can help changethe space form of traditional class education, the organization of educational andteaching activities and ideas. It can also contribute to deepening the reform of thenew mathematics curriculum. At the same time, it points out the problems existing inthe process of homework correction. It also research it effectively combining theanalysis of students’ current development and educational policies and regulations ofour countries to offer new thoughts and ideas for the continuous development of homework correction of small-sized class.Through correcting homework, students learn to study, learn to seek knowledge,learn to cooperate, learn to explore from Mathematics homework. It lays a goodfoundation for students’ lifelong learning and realize the harmonious development ofknowledge, abilities and value. It is the soul of Mathematics homework correction insenior high school to care for the students mathematics knowledge, rational thinkingand lifelong development. During the reform and development of promoting qualityeducation in our country, it has theoretical value and practical significance.

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