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DIS optimization application in high school physics teaching and research

Author GuPeiLin
Tutor ZhuJiongMing
School Shanghai Normal University
Course Education
Keywords the high schools’ physics the DIS experiments optimization integration effectiveness
CLC G633.7
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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With the full implement of Curriculum Reform in Phase II,“information technology and curriculum integration platform” is a newperspective for the basic education reform in our country in the21stcentury, which is closely linked the traditional teaching patterns. Theintegration platform has some relatively independent characteristics ofthe new teaching mode. Its research and implementation is of greatsignificance in developing students subjectivity, creativity, innovativespirit and practical ability.Under such tides of the education reform, theequipment and methods of physics experiment has continuouslydeveloped in the direction of information technology. A totally newexperimental method of digital information system laboratory—DIS, hasgradually entered high schools’ physics teaching, and has beenapplied into the traditional experiment teaching methods, which hascarried on the bold revolutions. However, in the practical teachingprocess, teachers and students have also found some drawbacks in theDIS experiment. This article is on how to optimize the integration of DISexperiment and the traditional experiment to improve validity of highschools’ physics experiment teaching, which is based on theoreticalresearch, combined with the actual case analysis. Also this article willmake some beneficial explorations on the further application anddevelopment in the DIS experiment teaching. The main contents are asfollows:The first chapter is the introduction of this article. It will makesome foreshadow in the background and significance of theoptimization applications on DIS experiments in high schools’ physicsteaching in. It will also briefly discuss the research methods, programs,targets, and difficulties.The second chapter is a literature review.Through the collection, analysis, comparison of the relevant information,it will analysis the condition and level of domestic and foreign DIS digital information system development. Then it will focus on the relevanttheory about the DIS experimental techniques and the Education ITintegration. This part is an important theoretical support for thisarticle.Chapter3will briefly discuss the role, requirements and functionsof the DIS experiments in high schools’physics teaching. At the meantime it is to analyze the current situation of the DIS experiments in highschools’physics experiment teaching, from the investigationperspectives of textbooks, teachers and students. Then it will get a listof physics experiments which are needed to be optimized. and furtherresearch on the paper played a guiding role.Chapter IV will clarify theneed of optimizing the integration of DIS experiments in high schools’physics teaching at first. Secondly, it will briefly discuss the purpose,significance and principles of the optimization on the integration of theDIS experiment with traditional experimental. Then it will analyze theadvantages and disadvantages of the DIS experiment and thetraditional experiments. Finally, it will present three representative andpractical optimized integrations to improve experimentalteaching.Chapter V will sum up the experience during the experiment,by the analysis of the effectiveness of the teaching in high schools’physics experiment. Also it will give out some possible evaluationmethods, to further improve the efficiency and quality of theexperimental courses. Finally, it will share some inspiration andsuggestions on the optimization of DIS experiments.

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