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A Brief Discussion between the Chinese Nail Murders and Tie Ding An

Author GeZuo
Tutor ZhaoJianChang
School Shanxi University
Course Comparative Literature and World Literature
Keywords Van Gulik Nails case Detective fiction Naturalization
CLC I046
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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The famous Dutch sinologist Van Gulik series of novels Digong case worldwide made a great contribution to the spread of Chinese culture. Chen Lai Yuan Hu Ming translation of the two teachers, \But the two teacher Chen Hu translation emphasis on paraphrase, causing the Chinese text and the English text has changed dramatically. This paper nails case for the center, to explore this change mainly reflected the underlying causes and on the significance of cultural transmission. \First of all, from a formal and descriptive content, it is strict compliance with the program of classical detective fiction, such as multi-line and thus the structure, the dual-title material, as well as a large number of extracted from ancient Chinese detective novels and notes writing, these are so work with a deep sense of Chinese flavor. Ideas it uphold the legal concept of the modern West, with the idea of ??people-oriented; different from the traditional detective novel from the main idea of ??a story, \on it, Van Gulik drew heavily on the artistic techniques and philosophy of the modern Western novel, these are so high with nails case with traditional detective novels form a relationship of both inheritance and innovation. Chen Lai-Yuan Hu Ming translate nails case when its substantial scrape-off, paraphrase and rewrite. These changes are mainly reflected in the rewrite of some traditional Chinese details, delete psychological description, and a narrative perspective adjustment. It can be seen that these changes are more or less for the more westernized or traditional detective novels in the works, the whole works closer to the translator minds of the Chinese classical novel. Overall, Chen, Hu translations translate strategy, focusing on the use of \After the comparison and analysis, it can be concluded, the Van Gulik Digong case has always been known for a rich Chinese flavor, but that impression is to a large extent thanks to Chen, Hu translation of the two teachers. Popular in China, \

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