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Character of Gender Studies in High School History Textbooks in PEP

Author TianXuMin
Tutor DuFang
School Central China Normal University
Course Subject Teaching
Keywords textbooks gender stereotypes bias ignore male exclusive language
CLC G633.51
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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The human society is composed of a complex society by men and women. Such a gender perspective in our birth parents through the body’s physiological characteristics to differentiate our gender, but we "girls","He is a boy," how is it formed? The formation of a gender perspective has always been the concerns and issues of interest to scholars. With the continuous development of modern psychology, different schools of the formation of the concept of human sex gives his own views. Psychoanalytic theory by the emphasis on early childhood gender role behavior mechanism to explain the origin of gender roles; social learning theory is that gender differences in the heart is to come in imitation and observational learning in early childhood to adolescence; cognitive development theory that are classified by the cognitive development of children in the process of self gender gender awareness; Cultural Anthropology focuses on children, youth, gender roles in the formation of unique cultural mode analysis. The analysis of these schools of Psychology is not the same focus, but no doubt they have recognized that a gender perspective is not natural, it is formed in the socialization process acquired the socialization of gender perspective the individual’s personality development and its important role. The rise of feminism, the more researchers turn their attention to the role in the formation of acquired cultural environment on the concept of sex. The feminist concept of course put the acquired cultural environment specific to the discipline courses in the field of education, they found that widespread gender bias in the curriculum, the dissemination of gender inequality in the gender perspective is not conducive to the growth of women.This paper uses a feminist point of view of the curriculum view, combined with education, psychology, sociology and history, many theoretical studies. Statistical analysis of data by gender figure in the PEP2007version of the nine high school history textbooks in the history textbooks of gender stereotypes and the gender ratio imbalance, bias imbalance, male gender exclusive language, these gender The cause of the problem and explain the dangers of its existence in textbooks, suggestions and views on how to improve the gender issues that exist in the textbooks.The details of this paper consists of two parts:The first part of the Introduction: explain the value of the thesis statement of the research situation at home and abroad as well as the research program, and professional vocabulary and text to explain.The second part of the body: includes four subheadings. The first subheading gender figure in the textbooks of statistics and analysis; and the second sub-head in-depth statistical data analysis of gender issues; textbooks from the third sub-objectives is to analyze the textbooks produce gender issues; the fourth sub-head is thinking and recommendations on gender issues in textbooks.The author hopes that through research, to cause the parties to focus on gender issues in the textbooks, and then get rid of the situation "on paper", to take practical action to solve this problem.

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