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Research on Law-related Education in Ideology and Morality Course Textbook

Author YuShiMing
Tutor PengFengLian; DingXueWu
School Anhui Normal University
Course Curriculum and Pedagogy
Keywords Ideology and morality Textbook Rule of law Law-related Education
CLC G633.2
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Legal Education is only an important constituent and implementation way oflaw-related education. Law-related education is the sublimation and developmentof legal education, legal education cannot be equivalent to law-related education oreven equal to the universal law education, the former is the real training objectivesand the final evaluation criteria. Especially in nowadays, promoting ruling thecountry by law, legal education should be replaced by Law-related education.Referring to secondary education, we do not pay attention to it and law-relatededucation is mere formality. More important, in the practice of Law-relatededucation, consciousness of legal quality-oriented education and law education isstill overshadowed by the legal knowledge of education.Ruling by law, and putting education first. Only by deeply rooting the conceptof the rule by law, ruling by law can be possible. School education is one of themain fronts in law-related education and propaganda. Referring to the actualsituation of China, separated courses setting at the junior is inappropriate, butpenetrate the law-related education into related-disciplines are more feasible.Therefore, as the main channel of law-related education in schools, ideological andmoral lessons play an indispensible role in law-related education. Textbook is animportant carrier of ideology and morality course, it is necessary to analyze thewhole content of textbooks and refine the research on the content of law-relatededucation.By analyze and summarize from the setting of the educational content of thelaw-related education, presentation, proportion and trend analysis, we get aconclusion that law-related education gets more and more attention and plays anmore and more important part in ideological and moral textbook, the selection ofcases became much closer to students’ life, education text of law-related educationterminology reflects the dialogue between the main characteristics, textbooks arrangement is in line with the epistemic logic of the junior high school students.When pointing out the problems and countermeasures, there is still someroom for improvement in the content arrangement, the settings of column and thedifficulty of the relevant part of the educational content of law-related education areunreasonable, teaching goals are mostly aimed at crime prevention, we should alsoincrease legal knowledge related to the growth of students, reasonable adjustmentset the difficulty and number of columns of the active practice of class to mobilizethe students’ independent participation and increase socialist content of the socialistconcept of rule of law.

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