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Analysis of the Rosenthal Effect Applied to the Ideological and Political Course of Senior High School

Author LinXiaoWen
Tutor WangLanFang
School Shandong Normal University
Course Subject Teaching
Keywords the Rosenthal effect the Ideological and Political Course of senior high school the teacher expectation
CLC G633.2
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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In the teaching process,educators and their students have two way to exchangecommunication: knowledge exchange and emotional exchange .But the traditional teachingfocused too much on knowledge exchange, usually they pay less attention to emotionalcommunication. This greatly influenced the teaching effect. Rosenthal effect focus on everystudent, respect for independence of each student and the psychological need, believe that everystudent has the potential of development and the possibility of the development, its core is tohelp students constantly for success. The Rosenthal effect tell us, the appreciation、recognitionand expectations that teacher pay to the students will improve the confidence of the students ,andhave positive effect on the growth of the students and learning. Its essence is that the individualwho have the personality strength and differences, how to effectively using emotional factors inthe organization of the teaching activities. Therefore, we use the Rosenthal effect in theIdeological and Political Course of senior high school, first we must focus on the class structureand the teaching method, this is the demand to adapt to the development trend of the futureeducation, this is also the only way to build harmonious relationship between teachers andstudents. Teachers’fit and proper, positive expect have important role.The main body of the paper is divided into three parts, base on the current teaching status,around Rosenthal effect, and presents effective measures on the use of the expectation, so as togive us reference to further strengthen the use of the Rosenthal effect.The first part is a summary of general, mainly discussed the origin of the Rosenthal effect,function, the implementation process, the implementation of the principle, and the relationsbetween the Rosenthal effect and the three education thoughts.The second part described the important significance that teacher’expectancy used in theIdeological and Political Course of senior high school: for students, it can make the improvementof the students’ interest in study, and strengthen the students’ self-confidence, to stimulate thestudents’ potential and to improve the teaching effect. For teachers, it will be helpful to the teachers to re-examine your students, and also to improve the teachers and students emotion,create a good teaching atmosphere. For society, it will be helpful to set up the new educationidea , speed up the social development of moral education.The third part is the focus of this paper, combined with my teaching practice, expounds thecountermeasures that how to effectively play Rosenthal effect. This part explorecountermeasures mainly according to the process of the expectation. First it discussed theestablishment of the expectation, such as the characteristics of the he Ideological and PoliticalCourse of senior high school, students’ actual academic level and difference, the student "therecent development zones", students on a target completion of expectations. Then it discussedthe teacher how to develop a positive expectations, how to apply the proper way and the skillsand how to transmit expect expected feedback. Finally, this essay discussed the teacher how tohelp students establish positive self expectations.

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