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The Current Affairs Education Courses in Middle School Politics

Author ZhangLinZuo
Tutor GuoQiao; ChengChongJie
School Henan University
Course Subject Teaching
Keywords Current politics education Political lesson in high school Strategy
CLC G633.2
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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The current politics education is the important content of the ideological and political education.Thatis the important link of the teaching reform what is to promote politics in high school. In recent years, thecombination about the political examination papers and the current affairs of political closer, to the currentinternational and domestic politics examines major efforts is more and more strong. If we can carry out thecurrent politics educatio to the political lesson in high school effectively, it is not only can tell the studentsof the party and state propaganda line, principles and policies, and make students form the habit of a greatconcern at home and abroad, to grasp the time feature through social, and closely combining the theory ofteaching material to solve the practical problems, improve the comprehensive ability and political qualityin time to; And also to enhance the effectiveness of the politics teaching, implement the ideological andpolitical theory with practice teaching guidelines. Teaching in current affairs content is teaching means, thepurposes to help students to identify social wrongs, improve their ability to analyze and solve the problemsBased on the current politics education in middle school thought political lesson as the research subject,divided into the following several parts:The first chapter is the research about the significance of this study, the research situation andresearch ideas and methods to help provide the guidance for future teaching practice both better integrationhelps to improve the timeliness of the ideological and political teaching.The second chapter is the elaboration about the importance of the current political affairs. The clearof connotation of current affairs education, and middle school politics class relations, secondary politicalclass to implement the education of a current events, both students of social responsibility and enhance students’ understanding of the needs of social competence, but also to adapt to the needs of the entranceexamination under the Quality Education, you can also make up for textbooks avail himself of the defectsof materials such as lag.The third chapter is that talk about the errors and the causes of the current ideological and politicalteaching penetration of current affairs education.Deviation from current affairs material, current affairs education methods improper two aspects ofdiscourse, the final summary attributed according to the above problems, the specific cause of the problemanalysis, mainly affected by the impact of the quality for the teachers and ideas.The fourth chapter is the focus of this paper, discussing the ideological and political lessons of thepenetrating current affairs education practice and exploration.Discusses the ideological and political class in current affairs education should follow the principles,including current affairs education should be the teachers and students the combination of the hot issuesand students’ interests, the current affairs material and teaching content, the principle of combining currentaffairs cases and truth comment; specific measures, from the choice of current affairs material, the use ofteaching methods, evaluation mechanism for the construction of multi-channel with the four aspects ofproposed operational countermeasures.

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