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Research on the middle school information technology teachers agree on project teaching method

Author WangYi
Tutor ZhangWenLan
School Shaanxi Normal University
Course Modern educational technology
Keywords IT teachers in middle schools Project Approach Identity
CLC G633.67
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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IT classroom teaching plays an important role in the students’ information literacy training process is to improve the key to the ability of high school students information. Elements of classroom teaching, teaching methods is an important part of teaching the target service."The identity of teachers teaching teachers effectively applied teaching methods. In recent years, the project approach in our high school IT class from the initial introduction of the widely adopted, more and more people pay attention. Project Approach with its unique advantages in other areas is widely used and is also more common in the IT curriculum teaching, but this method of secondary school teachers how about? Status in the IT classroom teaching? Teachers how the acceptance of this method? In the end they agree or not agree? Accepted not accepted? What are the factors affecting the project pedagogy in the teaching of IT courses? To clarify these issues, and has some practical significance to the promotion and application of project teaching in the IT classroom.Based on this. I proceed from the current secondary school IT teachers teaching, investigation and analysis of secondary school IT teachers on the project the pedagogy identity variables and influencing factors, intended to reflect the project from the perspective of teachers teaching in secondary schools IT The class implementation of the real situation, as well as teachers on the evaluation of such teaching methods and attitudes, and hope to provide some reference for secondary school IT classroom teaching reform.Literature, questionnaire and interview, the paper will be IT teachers in secondary schools on the identity of the project teaching is divided into two variables:(1) secondary school teachers in information technology project teaching attitude;(2) Secondary technical teachers for the behavior of the project teaching tendencies. Self questionnaire as a tool, questionnaires and interviews on the part of the secondary school IT teachers in Shaanxi Province, the results show that:(1) secondary school IT teachers higher on the Project Approach identity:(2) Teacher Project Approach The identity of each subscale score from highest to lowest were:the effect of classroom teaching, attitude, evaluation, application and popularization of external support. Teachers are the most satisfied with the project is the application of the pedagogy of the classroom teaching effectiveness, including the "application of the project teaching pedagogy to the teaching of IT can improve the literacy of the students’ collaboration skills, communication skills, innovation, etc." and "project teaching pedagogy applied to the IT teaching to enhance students’interest in learning the information technology course, the attitude,"the scores were4.19.4.14. the lower scores were the main external support.(3) the attitude of teachers in the project pedagogy applications to the teaching of IT positive;(4) the identity of the secondary school IT teachers on the Project Approach in the workplace, school type, the differences on the nature of school three school property not significant, but slight differences from the mean and variance of view, the recognition rate is lower than junior high school high school teachers on the Project Approach, the recognition of the rural middle school project teaching value slightly higher than in urban high schools.(5)the level of identity of secondary school IT teachers on the Project Approach in gender, seniority, job title, and personal attributes such differences are not significant, but the overall difference in age. more significantly, different teaching IT teachers on the professional identity showed different levels.30-40-year-old secondary school IT teachers the highest score. The younger or the greater the identity of the Project Approach are lower.(6) factors affecting teachers’use of IT Project Approach school leadership factors, student factors, regional development factors, the course the time factor, and the teachers’factors, five factors.Finally, according to research findings and the results of existing research, the following recommendations:(1) education authorities and school leaders should be to strengthen the pedagogical training of teachers in the project work to lower and higher age of teachers with more support, establishing models to be promoted;(2) of the IT teachers need to improve the ability of professional development, project selection, grouping, participation, and evaluation to enhance the improvement of classroom teaching effectiveness.(3) universities and the Department of IT, and other research institutions to increase the resources of the project teaching, supporting efforts of the teaching materials.

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