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Baoding Middle School Amateur Athletic Coaches Analysis

Author ChenShaSha
Tutor CuiDongXue
School Hebei Normal
Course Physical Education Teaching
Keywords Baoding Schools Amateur Track and field coach The status of work
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Coaches athletes in the process of education, guidance, the organizers and perpetratorsof the sports training process, is also a game of command and control. A good sports teamor athlete in order to achieve excellent performance in competitions, on the one hand,depends on the athletes trained hard and superhuman talent, on the other hand depends on thelevel of coaches business. The first condition to improve the level of secondary schoolathletics is to have good coaches. The quantity and quality of the School Amateur Athletictrainer is one of the important factors affecting the secondary school track and field personneltraining.The process of teaching and training of track and field, coaches play a leading rolein the quality of training, track and field team management has a direct relationship with thecoaches. Understanding of the extent of the coaches on the athletics track and field theorymastery, master and apply the right track and field technical proficiency are a direct impacton the growth and development of track and field team.School Amateur Athletic Coaches status of work in the current situation, research is abasic work to train secondary school amateur track and field coaches, but more scholars onthe high level of professional athletics and college track and field coaches, School amateurAthletic coaches a smaller number but not deep enough. This is undoubtedly thedevelopment of the secondary school track and field career defect.On the basis of theunderstanding and study Baoding Middle School Amateur Athletic Coaches situation, makeappropriate recommendations for current problems, to provide an objective basis for thetraining and use of Baoding Middle School Amateur Athletic Coaches. In this study, topromote secondary school amateur track and field coaches to train the work of healthy, rapidand sustainable development, promote the development of secondary school athletics, andraise the level of athletics, to encourage more secondary schools to cultivate more excellenttrack and field personnel with the theoretical value and important practical significance.This issue through literature survey, mathematical statistics, logic, analysis, researchmethods, Baoding Middle School Amateur Track and Field Coach for the study, BaodingMiddle School Amateur Athletic Coaches status quo system analysis and research. So as toarrive here the following conclusions:1Baoding Middle School is a more reasonable age structure of the Amateur Athleticcoaches, young or middle age, some experience, and dynamic; coaching qualificationsbasically meet the national requirements, but less highly educated coaches; coaches titles toIntermediate The titles of the main.2Baoding Middle School Amateur Athletic coaches relatively low level of scientificresearch, most of the coaches is a common sports students graduating from college, professional training experience lack, to teach a relatively short service life.3Amateur Track and Field Coach of the Baoding middle school part-time, theworkload is very large, treatment is relatively low compared with other subjects, coaches arenot satisfied with the current treatment, but the professional attitude and work attitude of thecoaches, due diligence and dedication.4Coaches training program to develop to the stage of training, training and classtraining program, the plan unreasonable, the lack of long-term goal; training program todevelop the basis for most of the actual situation and training programs to develop trainingprograms, only a small part of the coach member copy of the training program and a simplerule of thumb to develop training programs, lack of scientific; content of the trainingprogram, lack of exercise recovery, athlete status, exercise load, as well as inspection andevaluation of athletes, the training program developed blindness.5Baoding Middle School track and field team training time is relatively small, lesscompetition opportunities, lack of game experience is not conducive to the development ofthe team; psychological, intelligence and means to resume training in three single.6Baoding Middle School Amateur Athletic Coaches motivation is more optimistic,which is to ensure that training, protection of the important thinking of the game smoothly.According to the conclusions on this subject, asked the following a few suggestions:1To strengthen the the introduction of and cultivate of the the Baoding DistrictSecondary School pairs of the high academic qualifications, high-quality Track and FieldCoach, the the cooperation, the selection has the potential to of the coaches, of a withcolleges and universities, which is carried out graduate student cultivation use, improve thethe academic qualifications structure, and at the same time to create a generous theconditions of, to attract or recruitment the high academic qualifications, qualification thedepth of the coaches to the school to teach.2The track and field coaches coaching experience and coached practice, strengthensecondary school Amateur Athletic coaches and college track and field direction of associateprofessor or professors and experts to establish a mentoring relationship, in order to improvethe theoretical knowledge and practice of training capacity of the secondary school AmateurAthletic coaches, observe competitions and college track and field team, or field trips forhigh-level track and field team training and learning to improve the coaches coachingexperience to make up for the lack of training experience.3School Amateur Athletic coaches should be full-time direction of development andreduction of the coaches and teaching tasks, and improve the treatment of coaches; changethe traditional coaches selection, competition for employment, public hiring.4Develop long-term training program, the implementation of training programs andthe actual situation of the school form, combining with the secondary school track and fieldtraining program; Training Plan should be diversified, including not only training methods,VI training content, technology and tactics, but also including the movement to restore status ofathletes, sports load, as well as athletes inspection and evaluation, and much more.5Strengthen the the coaches scientific research ability, scientific research and trainingcombining to promote the development of the ability of coaches.

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