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The Research on Current Situation of Media Literacy General Education in University

Author ZhaoYueHui
Tutor JinBingYao
School Zhejiang Normal University
Course Curriculum and Pedagogy
Keywords Media Literacy General Education Education of MediaLiteracy
CLC G206
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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In the21st century, the wide application of a variety of Medias brings a radical change to people’lives and study. Staying at home, people know the world news without a book. People can still read the novel through the mobile phone network online or offline and even click a mouse to conduct commodity trading. In short, Medias are in many aspects of people’s lives. In recent years, the educational scholars pay much attention to how to deal with the media and media literacy. The studies are paid more attention to the college students, but most of them show the improvement of media literacy and the need of media literacy education by the questionnaire about the related behaviors of media literacy and attitudes. Because of the focus of the scholars, the media literacy education in our country has a certain development and a variety of paper on media literacy education publishes in large numbers.As the essential accomplishment of the people living in the media community, Media literacy is a basic skill as reading and writing ability of the person and the first, the basic comprehensive development of human being.A good ability of media literacy, can make people interact with the outside world better and develop themselves in society. The General Education is a kind of educational philosophy and practice which was proposed in order to avoid incomplete development of the students by knowledge fragmentation in the context of too refined academicThe teaching of Liberal Studies courses is the realization of general education philosophy and practice to achieve in school education which is the most direct, quickest, most systemically method to improve the overall quality.Therefore, media education is subordinate to the school general education.In order to study the present situation of media literacy education in specific school, the essay choose two universities in Zhejiang, which are represented by normal colleges of Zhejiang Normal University and the Universities of Zhejiang University. From the analysis of general education courses Ⅱ in school and the module distribution in general education curriculum structure, the name of the specific subject curriculum, the departments founded media literacy general education and professional foundation, we find the media literacy general education are not important as the scholars imagined. Although in some universities, many subjects involved in media literacy general education, but there are still some problems. The current situation shows that as a part of general education, media literacy education has no specific curricula content but penetrates in some subjects. The probability of the corresponding media literacy curriculum influence by the school development program, school teachers, schools subject settings and school location, etc. At the same time, the result of the interviews of some teachers and students show that teachers and students are not pay much attention to the media literacy education. In specific teaching, the teachers are still using traditional teaching method. The teaching materials do not update in time. The classroom teaching form is still need improvement.Finally, in order to deal with the too refined of university general education in media literacy curricula and the knowledge marginalization, the paper builds a systematic of media literacy education curriculum, which are described from the analysis of teaching objects, teaching goal setting, the principle of curriculum setting, the construction of teaching context, the implementation of teaching and teaching evaluation in specific. The implementation strategy of common courses in media literacy teaching content such as a visiting professor lectures, and student self-organized teaching context brings the new vitality to the media literacy teaching which are lack of teachers and boring classroom teaching. In short, the construction of the media literacy curriculum courses designed to provided the media literacy learning resources, environment and atmosphere to the college students and improve students’ media literacy, so as to enhance students’ ability to independent thinking, correct thinking method, learning to learn and solve problem.

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