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"Three Words" of "Zhuang-zi" Inquisit and it Has an Influence on Later Generation Literature

Author ZhaoYang
Tutor LiuGang
School Northeast Normal University
Course Ancient Chinese Literature
Keywords Fable Repetition Ramblings relation of words influence of literature
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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"Zhuang-zi" most has the literature characteristic“three words”the literature method, namely: The fable, the repetition, the ramblings are affecting the later literature creation deeply. Like productions and so on later generation novel, play, historical novel. Simultaneously“three words”are also inspiring China’s countryside scenery poetry, causes the author not to carve in the writing, the impressions sends, gathers the creation method deeply with the myriad things. Zhuang-zi“three words”also have had the very tremendous influence now to a generation of some writer, enables them to return in the nature seeks candidly, lets their creation return in simple and honorable. And the contemporary modernist school and the latter modernist school writer, they massive has also profited from Zhuang-zi“three words”the literary production, utilizes in own text writing. "Zhuang-zi" three words may say that has dark ink serious wound one in China’s literature, and gives the later generation the literary production by the profound influence.The present, in the contemporary literary production, the writers unceasingly massive spies on foreign the literary production method, uses for reference. In five millennium’s Chinese cultures, we very few appetite which leads the way own under foot’s foundation achievement, sufficient energy, when we neglect or give up the original nationality the literature characteristic and the creation, was equal to that loses own basis. Then, any green leaf and fresh flower’s showing off, will wither finally. The nationality is the world. Only then our longitudinally stands in above this nationality’s literature foundation, crosswise uses for reference to the foreign literature, only then may long-time stationarying forest in the world literature. Therefore, studies three words literariness as well as it has the profound significance to the later generation literature influence. But, along with research thorough, history of literature writing unceasing creation,“Zhuang-zi literature”the formulation limitation will be getting more and more obvious, the essence will hasten to“literature Zhuang-zi”will change finally also. Therefore, studies the Zhuang-zi three words not only is studies its extension literariness, should utilize“passes changes”the spirit, is thorough to the connotation. Can true insightful“three words”the essence is.

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