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Ideological and political theory course teaching experience

Author ZhangLiLi
Tutor RenZheChun
School Shandong Normal University
Course Ideological and Political Education
Keywords ideological and political theories courses experience teaching experience
CLC G641
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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The university set up the ideological and political theories courses is to guidestudents to establish a correct outlook on life, values, and individual all-rounddevelopment. Ideological and political theories courses, only on the basis of thecharacteristics of physical and mental development of contemporary college studentsand moral formation and development of the law, really arouse students true feelingsand inner identity, guide students to internalize moral knowledge in the real lifeexperience of ethical conscious knowledge into a guide to action, to achieve what theyseem, apply what they learn, the formation of good moral character, can effectivelyimprove the effectiveness of ideological and political theory, this is the originalintention of writing this article. The experience of human existence, is the carrier oflife, feelings and understanding of individual psychological or practical hands-onactivities to raise the heart to take the initiative to understand things and the formationof a process of value identification. Experiential teaching is not just a teaching method,it is a teaching philosophy and teaching pattern. Combination of experience teachingand ideological and political theories class is the innovation of the paper.This paper include the following sections: The first part is that overview of theteaching experience. The main content of this part of the meaning of teachingexperience defined; the theoretical basis of teaching experience (including thetheoretical basis of education, psychology and philosophy); the relationship ofteaching experience and other teaching. The second part is that the necessity andpossibility of teaching experience of ideological and political theories courses. Thenecessity include three parts: the need to improve the effectiveness of the Ideologicaland Political Theory Courses, training students subjectivity of moral personality andimprove ideological and political theory teachers charisma; the possibility includestwo parts: the curriculum of ideological and political theories courses and universitystudents physical and mental development and moral awareness of the laws. The thirdpart is that the implement of ideological and political theory of experienceteaching,which is the most immportent part of this paper. This section consists of three parts: first, the target of the ideological and political theories courses ofexperience teaching, the target is divided into the highest goal, specific objectives andoperational objectives;secend, the content of teaching experience of ideological andpolitical theories courses (including to deal with the relationship of individual andothers, social relations, to deal with the relationship between the individual and nature,to deal with individual inner relationship); Finally, the ideological and political theorycourses experience teaching carrier, divided into three vectors, is that classroominteraction, campus life and social activities. The fourth part of the paper is thespecific methods of implementation experience teaching in the ideological andpolitical theories courses, this section is the part of the difficulty in writing.Implementation of the specific methods can be broadly divided into methods in theclassroom experience and extra-curricular experience. Methods in the classroomexperience, including the method of situational experience, the method of interactionexperience, the method of life narrative experience; methods in extra-curricularexperience ,including social practice experience, an example of the Model Law, thelife experience, to study the experience and the virtual network experience. The fifthpart of the paper is that evaluation of experience teaching in the ideological andpolitical theories courses. This part include four parts: the purpose of the evaluation,the evaluation standard, the evaluation function, evaluation methods.The evaluationmethod is the focus of this part of the writing.The purpose of reaching teaching experience in ideological and political theoriescourses is that to provide some reference value, and improve its effectiveness on theideological and political theories teaching. Of course, this paper also exists in a lot ofinadequacies. I hope that my colleagues with more valuable advice.

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