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Empirical Research on Job Satisfaction of University Teachers

Author WangZuoZuo
Tutor ZhangTong
School Xi'an University of Engineering
Course Management Science and Engineering
Keywords College Teachers Job satisfaction Pay for performance system
CLC G645
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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With the development of social economics, social and community organizationstake more and more attention to the personnel training and retention. The university asa base for training talents, the desire is enormous for high quality talent. However, itis a vital part to development of scientific and perfect incentive system to keep peoplein colleges. In2009, institutions launched a performance pay system reform across thecountry. Teachers can help to stimulate the potential motivation and improve jobsatisfaction in colleges to implement pay for performance system, but in the processof implementing have no clear description of the college teachers’ incentives status.What are the factors of job satisfaction, what are the factors that stimulate theteacher’s inner potential and enthusiasm for work; this is a theoretical and practicalsignificance of research and is a serious problem in university.For the above problems, this article from the perspective of knowledge workersanalysis of the demand characteristics of college teachers, use of modern wage theory,theory of motivation and job satisfaction and other related research, the study of somecolleges and universities in xi’an, the background of the implementation of theperformance status of wage reform, launched a study of implementation of incentivesfor university teachers and affect teacher job satisfaction inherent mechanisms.In this paper, the concept of performance-related pay as a starting point toexplore the development stage of performance pay, and to human capital theory, jobsatisfaction and other related theories to build a theoretical basis for the paper. Fromexpectancy theory, equity theory, cognitive evaluation theory and analysis of play arole in the mechanism of performance wage, discuss strategies of effective incentivesfor teachers. Combined with the actual status, redefines the performance-based wagereform on the basis of the important elements, form a model of teacher merit paysystem on the level of understanding, satisfaction and job satisfaction, this empiricalresearch and implementation path for the foundation.On this basis, this paper studies the performance of university teachers paysystem for background, status of job satisfaction, to build conceptual model and makethe underlying assumptions, the conceptual model contains three types of variablesand the corresponding path relationship, explanatory variables (understanding andsatisfaction elements), the manipulated variable (individual elements) and theexplanatory variables (job satisfaction elements). In the empirical study, in this paper have five universities as samples, includingthe xi’an Jiaotong university, xidian university, xi’an university of technology, xi’anuniversity of architecture and technology, xi’an polytechnic university, for smallsamples of date collection and testing, then collection large sample of data andconfirmatory factor analysis. The conceptual model was estimated, testing, correctionand adjustment to establish the final theoretical model. Through analysis189validquestionnaires data, empirical studies after performance pay reform role of the jobsatisfaction of university teachers. Studies have shown that university teachers in thework incentives, work relationships and management factors that have a high degreeof satisfaction, However, teachers have not satisfied with work intensity and in return;in job satisfaction has a significant individual differences; there is a significantcorrelation between the satisfaction of teacher merit pay system, work incentives,work intensity, work return and work relationships; there is a significant correlationbetween the understanding of teacher merit pay system with work return, workrelationships.Finally, through the study concluded, confirmed later the n the implementationof performance-based pay system, different background characteristics of teachersdifferences in job satisfaction, significance of teachers and development of merit paysystem policy, confirmed that satisfaction with pay for performance impact on jobsatisfaction. Analysis of university management problems encountered in practice,made by management to determine the reasonable working strength, strong benefitsand so on, provides a reference for operational to enhance the efficiency of universitymanagement.

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