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Study on the Relationship between College Students’ Social Adaptation Ability and Parenting Style, Occupation Tendency

Author QinLi
Tutor WangWeiHong
School Chongqing Normal University
Course Developmental and Educational Psychology
Keywords College Students’ social adaptation ability parenting style occupationtendency
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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University Students’ social adaptation refers to the university students graduate fromschool to the community, through social interactions and transformation process toachieve a role in a state of harmony. After entering the University, students should notonly left their parents to live independency, but also integrated into the collective life.This paradoxical state testing each college students’ social adaptation ability.University stage is the stage for college students preparing to enter the society. Thisstage college students should not only focus on learning, but also strengthen thecultivation of college students’ social adaptation ability. The students’ social adaptationability related with many factors, at the same time also can affect college students’social life in the future.Based on the literature review and previous studies, using the college students’ socialadaptability scale, the ways of parents teaching questionnaire and career tendencyquestionnaire analyzes the differences in demographic variables on college students’social adaptation ability, parenting styles and occupation tendency. Discussion on therelationship between college students’ social adaptability and parental rearing pattern,between social adaptability capability and occupation tendency, between parentingstyle and occupation tendency, finally draws the following conclusion:1) The college students’ social adaptation is overall poor. There are no significantdifferences in gender, grade and only children.(2) The parents rearing patterns in children’s sex, subjects are significantly correlated,parents’ education also affects parenting style. On female college students’ rearingpatterns in emotional warmth, understanding is significantly higher than male students,in the severe punishment, excessive interference and refuse, deny is significantly lowerthan male students. Mothers parenting styles to the female college students onemotional warmth, understanding are higher than female college students. Theexcessive interference, protection, denial, and severe punishment parenting on boys arehigher than in girls. The higher the level of education of fathers the more Interferenceto child. The discipline of parents to students of science is severely than arts students. (3) In the6factors of occupation tendency, there is significant difference on cityareas and rural areas between type art and type career, the remaining four types werenot significantly different.(4) College students’ social adaptability and parental rearing patterns has significantlycorrelation.(5) College Students’ social adaptation correlated with occupation tendency.(6) Parenting style correlated with occupation personality.

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