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Research on the Provincial Undergraduate College Teachers’ Job Satisfaction in Hunan Province

Author HuRong
Tutor HongYuanBo
School Changsha University of Science and Technology
Course Educational Economy and Management
Keywords Job satisfaction College teacher Personal characteristic Turnover intention Job performance
CLC G645
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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As education becomes a focus, the pay and the social status of university teachers haveimproved largely meanwhile they have to face more and more challenges. So it is verynecessary to realize the situation on job satisfaction of teachers in university. In that case wemay trigger their enthusiasm for work.This research have done a statistical analysis through the self job satisfaction surveyquestionnaire about job satisfaction of the teachers from fifteen general undergraduate collegesin Hunan province. The research investigates personal characteristics of the job satisfaction ofteachers through using the SPSS19.0,and then examines components of job satisfaction withthe influence of job performance,turnover intention,and eventually finds out the followingconclusions:Firstly, the influence factors of the teacher job satisfaction include:jobcharacteristies,pay and benefits,leadership and management,interpersonal relations,workingconditions and enviroment,self development and self-fulfilment, and other dimensions. Theteachers’overall job satisfaction is basically satisfied range,and the staff satisfaction levels ofeach dimension has a big difference. Secondly, the teachers’job satisfaction is significantlyaffected by personal characteristics. There are significant differences in general job satisfactionof teachers in different age, educational level, teaching age, professional qualification,major,and the average score of influence factors in job satisfaction also shows diverse degrees ofdifference as the difference personal characteristics. Thirdly, the overall job satisfaction has asignificant positive effect on job performance which has a significant negative impact onteachers’turnover. The overall job satisfaction can explain respectively the teacher’s jobperformance, turnover intention with the variability of 40.95% and 46.78%. Fourthly,components of job satisfaction are significantly positive related to job performance,in whichworking conditions and environment,leadership and management, job characteristics, pay andbenefits are four factors that can explain of the 26.88%variability in the teacher’s jobperformance. Fifthly, there are significantly negatively relationship between components of jobsatisfaction and the turnover intention, where pay and benefits, self development andself-fulfilment, working conditions and environment,interpersonal relationships are four factorswhich can explain 32.85% of the variability in the teacher’s turnover intention.Based on the above empirical conclusions and job satisfaction theory,The Generalundergraduate college in Hunan province should direct teachers to form a reasonable psychological contract; pay attention to teacher’s self-development; improve the teacher’straining system and promotion system;establish science and fair salary system and excitationmechanism;establish good personal relationships, improve the working conditions andenvironment, strengthen humanization, democratization and equitable management ofteachers;increase the management of teachers’ job satisfaction, lower teacher’s turnoverintention, and improve teacher’s job performance.

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