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On the Core Values of College Students Under the Guidance of Entrepreneurship Education

Author RenTuo
Tutor LiuWei
School Central South University
Course Ideological and Political Education
Keywords enterprise education core values of socialism undergraduates direction ideological and political education
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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17th National Congress of CPC proposed a "improve the ability of independent innovation, building the innovative country" and "promoting entrepreneurship to create more employment opportunities" in the development strategy. Undergraduates are the most innovative, entrepreneurial potential groups. It is the inevitable requirement of trend to encourage college students’ autonomous business actively in higher schools by education innovation, following the trend of the international college students’ innovative entrepreneurial education;It is our country important strategic initiatives under the background of scientific development, further study practice in the service of the innovation-type national construction after the expansion of higher education popularization of higher education; It is the important the way of deepening the teaching reform of higher education and training students’ innovation spirit and practice ability; It is the important measure of promoting college graduates full employment by venturing to create more employment opportunities.The so-called "the university student’s pioneering work education under the guide of core values", which reflect the core values of their career education, refers the university student’s pioneering work education process under the guide of the socialist core value system, it is education process of training students’ entrepreneurial spirit, the pioneering consciousness, developing business basic quality, improving the comprehensive ability under the guide of the mainstream social values. The socialist core value system of socialist core values is the performance of our country’s current mainstream values. It is the value system of keeping the Marxist guiding ideology, setting up the common ideal of socialism with Chinese characteristics, carrying forward to patriotism which is the core of the national spirit and to reformation and innovation which is the core of the spirit of The Times, sticking to the socialism honor or disgrace’s values. The university student’s pioneering work education under the guide of socialist core values, which is theory and practice of guiding and regulating the college students’entrepreneurship education by the Marxist guiding ideology, social ideal, spirit driving force and moral rules and so on. University student’s pioneering work education of reflect the core values is expected to avoid blindly copy, having the firm clear political direction; To avoid utilitarianism, having precautionary strategic vision; To avoid blundering, reflecting education content of superficial profundity; To avoid hoping eagerly for success, without fearing of fatigue, and having the perseverance of a lasting war.In recent years, the party and country pay more and more attention to the ideological and political work, and the higher schools improve continuously the effectiveness of the ideological and political theory class. Through the investigation we found that the core values of college students had formed initially, college students have improved the sense of identity to the socialist core value system; college students’wishes and needs of business education are becoming more and more urgent; college students have accumulated business experience during the learning. All of these provide a good theory foundation and unique advantage of conducting the business education under the guide of core values. But, we also found that some college students exist core values deviation problems such as the political belief confusion, fuzzy ideal and faith, value orientation distortion, the lack of social sense of responsibility and the good faith consciousness, weakening in the spirit of hard work, the unity cooperation concept is bad to some degrees, the psychological quality is poor, especially produced some thoughts of getting rich quickly overnight. Some of students who are in entrepreneur process or are ready to start with, think a lot of "relationship", money and immediate interests, lack of common ideal and bear spirit which contemporary youth should have. At the same time, education subject awareness biased, education method is undeserved, education environment is to be optimized is the problem that the university student’s pioneering work education under the guide of the socialist core values should face up to. The current our country business education caused the problems existing in the many reasons. Both historical reasons, and practical reasons; Both government macro level, also have the reason of college students’ individual micro reasons;Both the objective reasons, and subjective reasons. Therefore, to analyze the causes, to suit the remedy to the case, to strengthen the university student’s pioneering work education under the guidance of the core values will become the urgent matter of the university.College students’ business education has no ready-made examples to copy. However, this paper argues that can attack the jade ". Some of the world famous university’successful cases in entrepreneurial education may provide beneficial enlightenment for our country’s university students business education. More important is that we should seize the historical opportunity of Chinese social transformation, adhere to the socialist core value system as a guide, completely change the traditional education concept, in education content, education mechanism, education principles and specific methods innovation, this is the current reform subject of the university student’s pioneering work education we have to think about.As for the education content, we should take throughout the college students’ business with the socialist core value system of education, and used to material guide students in the whole process of business. College students should cherish the good times of the current entrepreneurship education, adhere to the scientific guidance of the latest achievements in adapting Marxism and improve their social responsibility, the innovation spirit, the pioneering consciousness and creative ability. To help students correctly analysis and understand the current social development in our country in the process of contradictions and conflicts, make them firmly establish common ideal of socialism with Chinese characteristics. Guide then to put personal ideal and social ideals, personal needs and social need, personal fate and the motherland’s future, personal pursuit and people expect closely together on the road in the business. Strengthen college students’ national spirit education, training students’ national self-esteem, self-confidence, and the letter of pride, by dealing with the interests of the state and the personal interest, coordinating the relationship between individual enterprise and promoting national economic. Training them forging ahead with determination, the spirit of reform and innovation to be the first. In the formation and breeding process, We should launch college students’values education with the view of honor and shame, and regard it as moral standard to regulate and constraints of college students undertaking idea and action in entrepreneur.As for education mechanism, it will improve cognitive, start the need mechanism; to mobilize emotion, start incentive mechanism; to firm faith, start the safeguard mechanism; to steel will, start the restriction mechanism.As for education principles, it will tell clear reason, move with affection, teach with real and useful knowledge, guide how to do, and so on.As for education way, it can change from the education concept and mode, and help to understand the relevant state business policy, help items’ feasibility analysis, guide entrepreneurial venture project financing, expand business contacts etc.College students’ entrepreneurship is a topic which we need continue to focus on and discuss. How to make the way of college students’ entrepreneurship go further more smoothly, how to make the business education of the college students under the guidance of the core values blossom and bear fruit, also need constant exploration in various aspects and working together.Facing the sharp entrepreneurial tide at home and abroad, the college students’ business education under the guidance of the core values is only a starting point, not an end!

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