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Study Based on the Performance Appraisal and Internal Control of the Non-state College H

Author LiXiaoFei
Tutor LiZhiGang
School Jilin University
Course Business Administration
Keywords Non-state college Human resource management Performance appraisal Internal control
CLC G647
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Accompanied by rapid development of non-state funded education in the highereducation arena, it plays an increasingly important role in the field of highereducation in China, the number of students, the quality of the students have been thefocus issues in all the fields of the society. Thus, teachers as the direct influencefactor to the cultivating quality and the college reputation, occupy a significantposition in the non-state college.Taking the non-state College H as an example, through analyzing its existinghuman resources performance examination situation, we found its problems inperformance examination internal control area, with internal control related theory foranalysis, looking for the causes of the problems, and to project improvementmeasures to solve the problems, to make the internal control system of non-stateCollege H performance examination perfect, reducing risks of the human resourcesmanagement, enhancing the effectiveness of performance examination, eventually toachieve the promotion of internal control for College development.Firstly, this thesis draws a brief introduction of the theory and development ofinternal control. There’s an introduction of the basic condition and strategic target ofnon-state College H, which combines with the present situation of its performanceevaluation and analyzes the performance evaluation of inner control risk of CollegeH.Secondly, further analysis for the reasons of the inner control activities innon-state College H performance evaluation is stated, which is analyzed from fiveelements of inner control: internal environment, risk assessment, control activities,information and communication and internal supervision. Last but not least, this thesis draws a conclusion by reaching the solution tosolve the internal control problems of performance appraisal in non-state College H.1) The non-state College H can strengthen to control the inner self-consciousnessand construction of performance evaluation structure, by means of changing themanagement idea, to build inner control environment and to establish the professionalhuman resource management team, strengthening the efforts to train performanceevaluation staffs, and so on.2) Through analyzing the strategic development target of the non-state CollegeH, clearing the objective of performance evaluation and strengthening the postmanagement, the college can achieve scientific monitoring, and then, to promotestrategic development goals;3) To improve and perfect the performance evaluation policy for non-stateCollege H staffs;4) In order to achieve the inner control of executing performance evaluationprocess, the college can improve professional level of performance evaluation staffs,choose scientific performance evaluation tools, refine and unify its score standards;5) Through establishing the feedback and communication mechanism ofperformance evaluation, appeal system, the college can standardize the application ofperformance evaluation results, thus ensure its implementation;This paper is on the theory of internal control-related research and comparison,combined with the practical of private H College, we provides suggestions to solvethe internal control problems which existed in the performance appraisal of humanresource, ultimately to realize the integral development of non-state College H.

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