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Study on the Equality and the Efficiency of Self-Determined Admmission China’s Higher Education Insititutions

Author ZhuNaNa
Tutor ZhangJianGuo
School Henan Normal
Course Principles of Education
Keywords China’s higher education institutions Self-determined Admission System Equality andEfficiency
CLC G647
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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In order to reform the existing college enrollment system in our country, select the innovative talents andhigh quality talents, broaden the selection way of talents, in2003the ministry of education formallyallowed university autonomous enrollment system. There are90colleges had obtained the right ofautonomous enrolment by the end of March2013, the number of the students for this exam is greatlyincreased. Autonomous enrollment system has been on for ten years. During the ten years, the autonomousenrolment system is developing steadily. There must be disadvantages in the early stage of any newrecruitment system. There is a lot of space for improvement. People especially pay attention to fair andefficiency in many problems and need to be solved urgently. Autonomous enrollment system is animportant part of college enrollment system. It will form the enrollment of Chinese higher educationenrollment diversified situation along with the gradually improve policies and regulations.This paper select efficiency and fairness as a view based on the many existing problems. From this paperreveals the problems of our country’s college enrollment system; analyze the causes of the problem, putforward to improve the opinions of the college enrollment system. It analyzes the essential connotation offairness and efficiency, the path of fairness and efficiency in theoretically; and in practice to investigate thecurrent autonomous enrollment system in colleges and universities., and strive to find the crux of theproblem exist in the independent recruitment of students in colleges and universities Through research,accurately grasp the direction of the reform of higher education in our country, so as to the improvement ofthe independent enrollment system of higher education in China to provide reference on the theory andpractice. Through literature research and comparative research, this paper on the basis of a large number ofresearch literatures, through compare China and the United States, China and Taiwan region of therecruitment of students test system. It analyzed the similarities and differences of efficiency and fairness toexplore the hot issues that exist in the independent recruitment of students in colleges of our country, suchas lagged idea and qualification of unfairness, policy defect and not rationality of index allocation,efficiency of the recruitment channels in colleges and universities, and cost consciousness and actual effect.This thesis mainly research conclusion is: First, the independent recruitment of students in colleges anduniversities is an integral part of Chinese college enrollment system; Second, the basic premise ofautonomous enrolment is to create a fair and honest social environment; Third, the independent recruitmentof students is the fundamental guarantee of fairness and efficiency as the core, further perfecting the systemof independent admission of entities; Fourth, the key link of autonomous enrolment is to establishsupervision and punishment mechanism.

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