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The change of the second single child generation's family education--take a family with two generations of single child as an example

Author LiYing
Tutor YangChengSheng
School Central South University
Course Anthropology
Keywords The second single child generation Family education Changing
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Chinese government had issued single child policy for32years since1979, which bring two generations of single child. The number of single child has sharply increased to nearly1million. With the increasing number of the single child, the relative problems are also increasing. Single child spend almost2/3of life time in their families from birth to stepping into the society. Their parents are the first teacher, sharing the responsibilities of educating them. For more than30years, The social life, economic life and social structure of China’s society had experienced a tremendous and deeply change. The life level of two generation has been changed sharply as well as the education. The author, one of the first generation of single child, who has a single baby now, change to educating others from being educated, showing a great interesting in family education between two generations.The research comprehensively uses case studies, interviews, field investigations, literature analysis and other methods. Based on the actual situation of childhood family education and the historical development, this thesis exposes the change of social impact on early childhood family education and analysis its underlying causes through showing an example of two generation of single child in one family, including those born in1980’s and those born in21century. There has no research on the relationship between early childhood family education and social change from precious research. My study will start from this perspective.With the ever-changing culture, it plays a more and more important role in the changing of the second’s single child generations’family education, with the impact of the social changing, both of two generation has significantly changed in cultivating concepts, cultivating methods and emotional expression. Changes mainly reflected in the following aspects:Firstly, the bearing concept has changed. Parents prefer to boys in the past, while nowadays boys are not so popular as before. Some parents in the town start to prefer girls. Some of the first single child generation have been a father or a mother and they had a consciousness of bearing and rearing better children. Furthermore, they emphasize more and more on cultivating children’s awareness of competition.Secondly, the cultivating methods has changed. Traditional ballad and games have been replaced by local computer games, mobile games as well as TV. The widespread of computer accelerates children’s socialization, promoting children to receive social culture and social regulation in a better way. From the medical point of view, on the issue of prevention and treatment of diseases of infants and young children, people trust more and more on medicine and science. Go to the hospital when getting sick has been the common consciousness. People trust less and less on traditional praying to gods and so on. Furthermore, parents pay more attention to cultivating children’s health habit.Thirdly, the cultivating modes have changed. First of all, the coexistence of autocratic and democratic. Nowadays people prefers more democratic teaching way, giving enthusiastic help to children’s reasonable requirement, so that the children can feel their love. In addition, encouraging more and punishing less. Modern education emphasize more on talking to their children and at the appropriate time, the child must be given appropriate incentives, to encourage children’s self-confidence.Last but not least, it has changed from one-way socialization to two-way. Compare with their parents, Children have more acceptance ability and curiosity, learning new things faster. With the reducing of the knowledge gap between two generation, the children brings more and more challenge to their parents. Parents must have a consciousness that changing their attitude from a superior authority to learning and communicating with each other.

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