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Our Country Sports Industry Development Policy Research

Author JiangYan
Tutor ChenKun
School East China University of Political Science
Course Public Administration
Keywords The development policy for sports industry in ourcontury constitute execute
CLC G812.0
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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In the past twenty years, the development for sports industry in ourcountry is from the phase for explore and attempt (late1970s to early1990s)to the phase for development (from early1990s to now). During this phase,the sports industry in our country takes on a good tendency as a whole, withthe high increasing, the fast speeding and many domains. But in the processof sports industry development, we also face lots of problems, A series ofpolicy need to be constituted currently in order to lead, accelerate,standard, coordinate and supervise the development of sports industry, tomake it proper order, high efficiency and health.This article to our country sports industry policy as the research object,from the definition of industry, policy, development of sports industrypolicy, analyzes the functions and contents of sports industry developmentpolicy, proposed our country sports industry development policy contenttheory framework. On this basis, the main content contained in the sportsindustry policy, the sports industry structure policy, industrialorganization policy, industrial layout policy and technology policy of sports industry has carried on the detailed discussion. Then through to theUnited States, Japan, Europe and other western developed countries thehistorical background, the sports industry development policyimplementation and action research, combining with our country sportsindustry development policy and the sports industry in our country at presentstage of SCP analysis, find out the reason of influence our country sportsmarket performance, and then on the basis of building the content, theframework of the sports industry development policy of sports industrydevelopment policy in our country are reviewed, commentary on our currentdevelopment and introduction of the development of sports industry policy,and then analyze its specific implementation, to identify the main problems:First, our country’s sports industry development policy making policysystem is not perfect, the content is not perfect, is our country’s sportsindustry development policies in the development of specific and lack ofincentives to encourage policy; Third, our country’s sports industrydevelopment policyduring the execution of a single means of implementation,the lack of the actual operational monitoring standards, the lack of areasonable amount of feedback channels, can not make policy implementationshould be authentic.And then analyses the causes of these problems, and connecting with theactual situation proposed the corresponding policy recommendations. First,should pay attention to improve the policy system, combined with ourcountry’s national conditions and existing policies vacancies appropriatepolicy adjustments and development; development of sector should developspecific preferential policies to mobilize the enthusiasm of enterprises,promote the sports industry and sports marketdevelopment; governmentdepartments should ensure the effectiveness of the development of sportsindustry policy by taking a variety of means of implementation, to prevent long management to the effective implementation of the development of sportsindustry policy to ensure that the development of sports industry policy intoeffect during execution. On this basis, combined with the necessary economicmeans and measures such as fiscal, financial and government procurement toregulate the market behavior of the sports industry sector and sportsenterprises.

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