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Investigation on Current Situation of Hubei Province University Dragon Boat Movement

Author LiXiaoFei
Tutor LiuRuiFeng
School Central China Normal University
Course Subject Teaching
Keywords Hubei Province universities The Dragon Boat sport Present situation research
CLC G852.9
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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The dragon boat sport originated in China, has a history of over two thousand years. As one with strong ethnic characteristics of traditional sports activity, it not only inundated by the tide of history, but after thousands of years of wind and rain baptism and more full of youthful spirit. Today, the dragon boat sport is full of infinite vitality, not only successfully completed the transition to competitive sports, more into the internationalization, won the world people’s affirmation.Vigorously develop the Dragon Boat Sport, with its education, entertainment and fitness function, not only can promote the national culture, cultivation of the patriotic enthusiasm, also can be all-round development of students’ physical quality, cultivate their bravery, the excellent quality of unity and cooperation.Hubei Province, the dragon boat sport is in a rapid development stage. In the past ten years, the number of Hubei Province dragon boat team in the domestic and foreign various dragon boat races have also made good results, but through the survey, there are still some problems in the Dragon Boat Sport Development in Colleges and universities in Hubei province.In this paper, by reference to the domestic and foreign scholars on the Dragon Boat Sport results, to the colleges and universities in Hubei Province fourth session of the dragon boat competition teams as the research object, using a questionnaire survey and interviews, in view of the present situation of Dragon Boat Sport in Colleges and universities of Hubei Province were investigated, found:the number of dragon boat movement in Hubei province at present, but most of the team as a temporary, and development time is not long; there were significant differences in the Dragon Boat Sport the specialist, and Wuhan City, outside; the dragon boat team personnel is moderate, students participation is very high, but the player greater mobility; the number of people, also there is a corresponding business training, but professional coaches is not high; the relative lack of facilities and equipment; time and frequency of training is not guaranteed; the number is not much, and the event level low.Based on the current Hubei province university dragon boat sport development present situation analysis of influence factors, we can see:Although Hubei province colleges and universities to carry out the dragon boat sport has the advantage of traditional culture, geography resources, scientific research strength and fitness awareness, but the leadership of attention degree is not enough, the lack of financial support, the development and utilization of space resources, events, not too small the lack of influence and the obvious contradiction between learning and training and other factors also to a certain extent, restricted the development of Dragon Boat Sports in Colleges and universities in Hubei province.In view of the present situation of Dragon Boat Sport in Colleges and universities of Hubei Province, this article from the software support, hardware support and pay great attention to the talents of the three aspects of the corresponding countermeasures:1, strengthen the administrative guidance, improve the Dragon Boat position, expand the event influence.2, strengthen cultural promotion, effective combination of traditional culture and campus sports culture, forming a unique team dragon boat culture.3, increase efforts to support the economy, realize the diversification of funding sources.4, improve the utilization rate of equipment, pay attention to the development of the school peripheral resources.5, pay attention to the training of coaches and athlete management. Through these measures, in the hope of developing Hubei Province on Dragon Boat Sport at the same time, can achieve people-oriented, multi-level care, internally and externally.

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