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The Research on Implementation and Countermeasures of the Sunshine Sports in Hunan’s Colleges and Universities

Author YangYongHua
Tutor WuXiangJun
School Jishou University
Course Sports
Keywords Hunan university Sunshine sports Implementation status Development countermeasures
CLC G807.4
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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In today’s social development faster and faster, and every day brings many newhigh-tech and high-tech also gradually optimized, the reliance on high-tech people alsomore and more serious, this has led to people’s body gradually becomes poor. If aperson without a healthy body, so even if his idea is very good, especially learning isuseless. Don’t have healthy bodies, how we healthy, happy life? How can we repay themotherland? In order to solve this problem, the schools at all levels to carry out the"sunshine sports". The so-called "sunshine sports" is adolescent constitution in ourcountry for20years under the background of continued to decline, since2007, thegovernment implemented a administrative intervention measures. Carried out in thenational various universities under the background of "sunshine sports", this paper inorder to better understand all sunshine sports in colleges and universities in hunanprovince, and find out the factors that affect it and what are the problems, and putforward effective countermeasures, for scientific and effective in hunan provincecolleges and universities to carry out "sunshine sports" of sustainable developmentprovide the research reference.Subject mainly using the literature material method, questionnaire method, expertinterview method, field survey method, mathematical statistics method and logicanalysis, etc., for the implementation of the "sunshine sports" in hunan provincecolleges and universities conducted a sampling survey, the results showed that:1.Universities in hunan province "sunshine sports" between management leadership werenearly, but between each school management "sunshine sports" leaders in male andfemale proportion is unreasonable.2. The status of the "sunshine sports" in hunanprovince colleges and universities implement more optimistic, but there are still manyshortcomings and problems.3. The implementation of sunshine sports in hunanprovince colleges and universities of the uneven distribution of faculty as a whole,4.Students participate in the "sunshine sports" project mainly aerobic exercise such asanaerobic exercise.5. Hunan province colleges and universities to carry out "sunshinesports" is in the form of physical education is given priority to; Next morning exercisesin the lesson hold, extracurricular sports activities, clubs, and all kinds of sportscompetitions.6. Schools in the loophole on the student’s physique monitoringmechanism, to a certain extent influence the development of the "sunshine sports" inhunan province colleges and universities; Some schools insufficient understanding ofthe importance of sports,7. Fewer funds input to the physical education teaching, leddirectly to the school sports facilities equipment cannot update and become obsolete, thearea of the sports venues and the number of students do not match. The author believesthat the current science and lasting development "sunshine sports" in hunan provincecolleges and universities of the urgent task is to (1) give full play to the guiding role ofthe school, change traditional ideas, widely used in the media publicity of sunshinesports movement;(2) perfect the relevant rules and regulations; Increased funding forsports facilities should be improved; Balance (3) teachers, improve teachers’professional quality;(4) many reasonable absorb society of "sunshine sports" to increase investment and support;(5) to increase the knowledge of the parents attachimportance to family education.

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