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A survey on Teaching in athletics sports education major in Normal Universities

Author ZhangKunYang
Tutor SongGuangLin
School Shandong Normal University
Course Physical Education and Training
Keywords sports education special course of track and field teaching system teaching reform
CLC G807.4
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Track and field course in physical education course based on the extension andimprovement of the course. In our country, the full implementation of" primary schoolphysical education and health ( 1 - 6 grades ), physical education and health ( 7 - 12 grades )curriculum standards" (hereinafter referred to as" curriculum standard" ), the physicaleducation and health curriculum nature as to physical exercise as the main means, to increase,the health of pupils in the main the purpose of compulsory courses. This shows our countrymiddle and primary school physical education has undergone profound changes. Under thisbackground, the main training PE teachers of Physical Education Specialty in teacherscolleges is facing new opportunities and challenges, but the track and field course of physicaleducation major as a main course, be the first to bear the brunt in many aspects of the urgentneed to reform, innovation and development. As the main item of track and field to improvethe curriculum, more should be followed the development of the times, follow the new"curriculum standard" of the spirit, to better track and field course teaching. Therefore, in thenew standard, new task, we must reform traditional, outdated concepts, we must re-examinethe University track and field courses, it is necessary to strengthen the study of track and fieldteaching reform.This study is from the middle school sports teaching practice, in view of the present highnormal education special course of track and field course situation, teaching theory, thesystem theory on Curriculum of research, comprehensive analysis of the track and fieldcourse existing problems, and puts forward the conception of curriculum reform. Researchshows that:1 Special course of track and field teaching system is based on system theory is put forward,this study will track and field course teaching system components is defined as : the teachingobjectives, teaching content, teaching methods, teaching evaluation, teaching environment,teachers and students etc. Track and field course teaching system and several basic elementsare mutual connection, mutual influence and mutual use of integral.2 The higher normal education special course of track and field training target and teachingtasks are mostly single, do not accord with the track and field courses in general teaching goal.In track and field teaching goal should change the past single teaching target, establish reformidea, the teaching target repositioned for training to adapt to the current school sportscurriculum needs, with practical talents. 3 Of the current track and field teaching and course, lack of progressiveness and enhancesexual, most major teaching content still stays in the athletics teaching pattern, can not meetthe students’ learning and development requirements. We should strengthen the special courseof track and field teaching material compilation work and the track and field course contentsystem construction, in the theoretical teaching of physical education and fitness to increaseknowledge and middle school physical education practice; teaching content delete sometechnical difficulty, low popularity of items ( such as the pole vault, discus, hammer throw ),increased fitness running dance, fitness, fitness for practice teaching method and means.4 Special course of track and field teaching methods mainly focused teaching mode, shoulduse expert lectures, seminars and students’ autonomous learning; technique teaching method ismainly to the traditional demonstration and explanation of this teaching method of teaching,should adopt various teaching approaches and methods to enhance the students’ technicalability and the cultivation of practice ability.5 The special course of track and field teaching evaluation is single, evaluation content cannot reflect students’ comprehensive ability. Due to the construction of the new evaluationsystem, focus on students’ ability evaluation.6 The act directly on the track and field teaching activities, and the teaching effects ofteaching environment are the major factors: physical education facilities (including fieldequipment, books and materials ), and volume ratio, the relationship between teachers andstudents. The traditional physical education facilities complete, but the lack of entertainmentand sports facilities, entertainment and sports facilities construction should be strengthened;track and field teaching should be employed three teachers to rotate as the way of teaching;relationship between teachers and students, should be established to teachers, students as themain body of teaching relations.7 college teachers need to improve the situation, teachers should strengthen the abilitytraining, colleges and universities should attach importance to teachers’ occupation trainingand lifelong education concept of indoctrination.8 physical education students majoring in track and field in the employment situation is notoptimistic, it is difficult for middle school physical education teaching. Colleges anduniversities should attach importance to the training of students’ comprehensive ability.

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