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Ink Art in the Use of Graphic Design

Author WuTongTong
Tutor JiangShiGuo
School Hebei Normal
Course Fine Arts
Keywords Tradition Ink Art Graphic Design Use Integration
CLC J524
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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This paper around the ink art in the use of graphic design an in-depth step by step from the three parts of the discussion: the first chapter, on the understanding of ink painting, the second chapter (the use of reason), Chapter III (the use of the method) and Chapter IV (innovative exploration) provides a theoretical basis; the second chapter, ink art in graphic design in the use of reason; the third chapter, ink art in graphic design in the use of the method; Chapter IV, ink graphic design elements in innovation and exploration. Paper are summarized as follows.Ink Art is a traditional art and culture with Chinese characteristics, one with deep cultural heritage, it is the world’s forest unique art style of personalized art, is a thousand years of Chinese cultural heritage aesthetic choice and cognitive results.With the constant development of China’s graphic design, new thinking toward new ideas are emerging, designers also need graphic design for the overall development of China’s careful comprehensive thinking and exploration. In fact, a growing number of designers recognize that the design to "roots", the rolling plant in the soil of Chinese culture, Chinese traditional arts in the bar culture. Deep to understand the "Chinese characteristics" to understand "local culture" in order to appreciate the world designed and accepted by the local Chinese design. The design work will eventually leave the localization is no color, no development.Designers will be able to use to ink painting to graphic design, graphic design and the development trend of China, the designer of the theme of the spread of the factors and design are inseparable. Impact of Chinese culture, Chinese designers have long accepted, and has gradually grown, as one of China’s traditional arts and culture, after all, prompting designers to apply to the design to go. Diversification of international design in the direction towards the development of people in this situation will instinctively return to the essence of the culture of the Department. So good graphic design, it requires both to be able to express ideological content, but also reflects the spirit of national culture, or can not stand firm. Is designed to promote the spread of the use of ink art in the design of the key, as the design can be copied and transmissible, not only by Asians to accept, also received international recognition and appreciation. Designers develop the nation’s arts and culture, so that ink art language gradually been recognized around the world to promote the development of Chinese design.In China’s traditional cultural elements, the ink art and its unique aesthetic features rich cultural heritage, in-depth content and graphic design reflects the performance style is undoubtedly a great treasure. With the continuous development of the design, the combination of ink and design has become a trend. Therefore, in the design of ink art style to explore the use of the graphic design is very important. Ink art and graphic design will be a valuable combination of, first, make ink art into the design to study, not only in the form of obedience, and to be creative with the design of the property. Again, by virtue of this principle, the art of ink drawing on the language, such as ink painting pen and ink style, ink art of artistic beauty, including "like and not like", "virtual and real," "Heaven," "count white black ", etc., combined with graphic design of the basic design language: text, graphics, color, composition, integration with the re-creation.Ink art in graphic design should strive for greater progress, that deal with the creation of the designer in the design elements of traditional ink painting to innovate in the graphic design exploration. Mainly in the form of innovation performance, including the form of a geometric form, color and beauty of the use of innovative means of expression. New ideas means new technology new technologies and better integrated into the design to go to work in the new situation is the design language of the expression of ink, the art of passing the new information. Based on local culture, based on the active exploration and mining to traditional arts and culture, learn the essence of the place, abandoned some of the dross, they can more effectively with local elements of the design concept combined with long-lasting foothold in the world .In short, the traditional ink painting and graphic design and fusion, not only to China’s graphic design has a unique national style, but at the same time broaden the ink art is the use of space. This integration not copy from the traditional art of graphic symbols or traditional elements, but rather is a traditional national culture, philosophy, the essence of the concept and graphic design principles and design of each form of integration, and ultimately create a modern, but contains rich ethnic and cultural heritage of outstanding designs, the traditional ink painting and graphic design the interaction of these two arts, learn from each other, work together to promote common flourish.

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