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12th Aerobics World Championships Athletics Six Sets of Action Choreography Summary

Author DuanRui
Tutor GaoWa
School Inner Mongolia Normal
Course Sports Training
Keywords The12th Aerobics World Championship Six persons’ Athletic Complete set of actions edit
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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A successful complete set of athletic aerobic is closely related with editor’s work. With the high developing of athletic aerobic, complete set of actions greatly tend to diversity, multi-combination, high difficulty and intension, which brings difficulties to the editor. Thus, editors should keep the pace of the changing tide and learn advantages of knowledge of home and broad, as well as enriching and strengthen editor’s own work by the most advantaged ideas.The discourse use Video Observational Method, Mathematical Statistics Method, Documentation Method and Comparative Analysis Approach to analysis the top3athletes’edit of The6person’s group of The12th Aerobics World Championship, containing the edit of compete scores, gymnastic time, amount of gymnastic up-and-down motion, groups of gymnastic index, space transform time, changing order quantity, movement route quantity, lift, difficult action groups’statistics, difficult action scores’statistics and statistics to spatial appropriation type of difficult action. According those data, we can distinctly know the disparity of the six persons’athletic aerobic between China and other strong aerobic countries and the tend of morden athletic aerobic’s development. Regular changes make the evaluation more nicety and rational, while artistic score is more distinct and judge also gain more distinct foundation and more objective, which makes athletes perform their own advantages and traits sufficiently, thus they can widen the distinguish obviously between athletes. At the same time,required to increase their own specific substances in high intensity training or competition,and that is innovation. With the development of athletic aerobic,complete set of actions’edit will tend to diversity, multi-combination, high difficulty and intension, for example, in the edit of lift,we should concern whether it issymmetry, how to establish a perfect accordance between tip and base and the changes of hyperspace and so on,which endow complete set of action infectivity and spectator. The edit of difficult action also develop towards to diversity, multi-combination, high difficulty and intension. A discover from the analysis is that most athletes’competence of jumping and springing is strong enough, so in the complete set of actions, the C’s is more difficult, most men athletes’flexible and balance is not much stable, thus in daily practice they should strengthen the practice of it so that they can adapt to strengthen D’s difficulties and to make a balanced development of athletes in the athletic aerobic. Another discover indicates that most of athletes still choose the middle difficulty in most complement to do theirsleves justice steadily and not make fault. Difficulty score is attractive greatly,which demands higher physical quality to athletes, thus, editor must be sensible when choosing difficulties and tries his best to win in a stable pace.

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