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Currentstatus and Countermeasure of China Men’s Basketball from Turkey Word Basketball Championships and Asian Games in Guangzhou

Author SuShiYong
Tutor ZongZhenJi
School Shandong Normal University
Course Physical Education and Training
Keywords Chinese men’s basketball develop countermeasures After Yao Ming
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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The sixteenth World Basketball Championships and Asian Games in Guangzhouin 2010 have been held,In China set off a huge upsurge of basketball, basketball inChina has replaced football to become the first major sports, and has entered a newperiod of development.Nba increase in our ratings and CBA better at sport makesbasketball more popular in China, basketball has become the people loved, veryornamental sports items.World Championship Chinese men’s basketball final smallpoint advantage with a win and four loss record in the group stage qualify for theelimination round into the knockout stage of the competition, and ultimately the finalrankings in this game ranked sixteenth completedtasks formulated by the GeneralAdministration of Sport.Although a win loss record does not seem ideal, but it isworth mentioning that this is a lost Yao Ming’s national team. As we all know, YaoMing is absolutely the core of the squad players, most of the technical and tacticalplay of the team around Yao developed, lost Yao Ming means the national team’stactical play to great changes, is in such the case of the national team can successfullywin the group and the elimination round is not easy.Also worth mentioning is that YiJianlian this game also won the world championships in rebounds, all theseachievements are worthy of recognition. Chinese Basketball at the Guangzhou AsianGames without Yao Ming and Yi Jianlian, all the way through and won the gold medalof the Asian Games men’s basketball tournament victory record, which illustrates theprogress of the men’s basketball, I believe that with Yi Jianlian of the mature as wellas other outstanding young players of the national team growth, the ChineseBasketball achieve better development.To the Sixteenth World Basketball Championships and the 2010 GuangzhouAsian Games basketball game team statistics, in combination with other teams (teamsof the top six position in the tournament world, hereinafter referred to as theworldteam.) statistics, the Chinese men’s basketball technical and tactical system andworld powers to conduct a comprehensive scientific analysis, to identify gaps andcauses of the Chinese team and other teams.The 2008 Olympic Games men’sbasketball tournament statistics and game video analysis to identify differences in thetwo games. Analysis of Yao’s absence on the national team and Yi Jianlian of the rapidgrowth of the national team to develop recommendations related Tacticstheoretical.The article also through access to a variety of literature, a variety ofbasketball news, various levels of the video game results, analysis of the developmenttrends of the world of basketball, as well as the problems faced by the ChineseBasketball, impact factors of the Chinese men’s basketball. Thinking about how theChinese men’s basketball to keep up with the development trend of world basketball,narrowing the gap with the world basketball power, into the ranks of the World TopTeams. To provide some reference for the Chinese men’s basketball future development, to obtain better results.The results show that: the Chinese men’s basketball world championships inTurkey, although there is no strong center Yao Ming, but burst into the worldchampionships in 16, completed before the goals set.In the game, the team played itsown character, played his momentum, and has made great progress in the post-Yao era.But we are still able to find Chinese men’s basketball in the game there are manydeficiencies, mainly in the Chinese team under intense defensive shot stability is nothigh, the team’s rebounding protection is not good enough, a direct result of the shotsis much lower than the opponent.The perimeter of the Chinese team in general, isback. Enthusiasm is not high enough on the defensive end, defensive aggressivenessis not strong. Asian Games men’s basketball live up to expectations ultimately get thegold medal, a solid Chinese men’s basketball dominance in Asia, but through thegame, we found that the Chinese men’s basketball lost Yao Ming advantage is nolonger obvious, in the face of Western Asia, Iran, Qatar, Jordan, and South Koreawhen the Chinese team is not able to play the data of the ruling class, but it is a largedegree of backwardness and opponents on the rebound and other data.Although theGames, won the race, but later to face many rivals in Asia when the competition willbecome increasingly difficult. Ahead of the arrival of Yao Ming’s retirement makesthe Chinese Basketball Yao Ming era, the past, because the Chinese teamover-reliance on tactical play of Yao Ming, the retired Chinese Basketball team thebackbone, although the Chinese team also easy to build Luen Wang, but the criticalmoment of the game, the Chinese team lost a stable score points. After Yao Ming eraChinese men’s basketball should not simply use within the main, both inside andoutside combination of tactics, but should be more flexible, in tactical play to improvethe speed of the team’s offensive.Chinese Basketball gradually lost their original small,fast, and spirit, standard features, tall players have achieved, but did not play theattack, mainly for the encounter against the fierce competition will not be able toplayout the efficiency of the attack, defense can not effectively contain the opponent’soffense. Inside the Chinese team has an advantage, but not to match outsidecombination. Also in major competitions, the team’s mental stability and tenaciousstyle of the game also need to be further strengthened.Findings, the article suggests: Chinese Basketball should strengthen their ownability to fight, attack speed after Yao Ming era, as soon as possible the formation oftheir own style characteristics; to speed up the domestic league and the world’sadvanced league standards, and actively learn from othernational league experience;vigorously implement the scientific training of basketball, the combination ofadvanced basketball theory and practice; Chinese men’s basketball and world powersshould conduct more exchanges to learn from their management and trainingexperience; allow more of the best playersto the league of other countries, a higherlevel of exercise; strengthening domestic Coach Training, their training andtheoretical ideas with the world; to strengthen the professional development of thedomestic league referee on the penalty scale with the world.

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