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Multi-dimensional harmony under the guidance of one yuan

Author CaoZhiYao
Tutor BaiLiPeng
School Kunming University of Science and Technology
Course The philosophy of Marxism
Keywords Political value orientation One dominating multidimensional harmony people-oriented
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Some scholars have pointed out:Ancient and modern, in order to maintain or break certain Political order, ancient and modern, the state has a different value on the political aspirations of both of these political values based on reality and beyond the demands of reality, with a personal nature, are based on certain economic basis.This shows that,on the one hand,the oplitical value is both from the practical and goes beyond reality,political value has an indelible association with specific economic, the analysis and study has an relations with the political value of economic and economic interests; On the other hand, the personal nature of political values, requiring research to be of political value, research needs of people’s political interests, the interests of the people the reality of the reality or the potential problems caused by social conflicts and political values of the impact of practice.This article is based on "real interests of the primary stage of socialism led to the diversification of the political values of the multi-dimensional" and demands from stakeholders and expand the relationship between political demands on the practice of the socialist principle of political values that the primary stage of socialism Political value in practice, should be a dollar-led multi-dimensional form of sense of social harmony as the overall objective, fully implement the fundamental principle of people-oriented. This is because:since the Third Plenum established the basic policy of reform and opening up since the economic field by the first major changes were gradually led to the structure of the whole change in the overall interests of society, namely, vertical and horizontal stratification of the group Differentiation, in other words, the pattern of diversification of real interest has been basically formed.The one hand, this pattern broke the original "two classes of a class ", the more the social structure of a single model, so more classes and special interest groups as stakeholders. Social being determines social consciousness, economic interests determine political aspirations. People have different for the evaluation of political life, desire and pursuit, or that the political values of the multidimensional potential or already have a real soil. On the other hand, the political values of the multidimensional, and political values of socialism would bring a lot of practice, new contradictions and new problems to face it. This means that in a more fundamental sense, both firmly consolidate the socialist core value, but also fully coordinate a variety of political values, but a major practical problem.People-centered scientific concept of development is the core, but also embodies the fundamental interests of consistency, objectively constitute a long-term and immediate interests, the overall interests and local interests, all national interests and personal, class, group interests based on the intrinsic value of unity. The whole socialist political value as a fundamental principle of practice, or implement as a fundamental principle of the value of all of the socialist political practice, both to consolidate the socialist core value, but also tend to resolve between the various political value Contradictions and conflicts, to achieve a dollar-led multi-dimensional harmony.

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