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Development of Grassroots and Amateur Football Countermeasures

Author LuTao
Tutor ChenJianJia
School Sichuan Normal University
Course Curriculum and Pedagogy
Keywords amateur grassroots football development strategiesanalysis
CLC G843
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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amateur football Is the primary survival and development of amateur football in the community, as distinct from professional football for the purpose of the strategy and achievements to the participants’ interests and health of body and mind for the purpose of the organization of football.In recent years, the grass-roots amateur football across the country is booming, more and more people have been or are involved. Whether in offices, schools, or in enterprises and institutions, have the majority of fans, many people in his spare time playing football, watching football, talking about football. At present, spontaneously formed by the fans, more stable amateur team quickly organized in various cities and set up an amateur football club, actively carry out various activities, through the efforts of the more difficult environmental conditions in the context of football still to be unusually exciting interpretation, which also attracted a growing number of amateur football enthusiasts. However, the surface appearance of prosperity is hidden under a lot of the problems and a shortcoming, these problems in the medium and small cities is particularly prominent.From the present point of view, the popularity of football and the development of small and medium sized cities is indeed getting worse, a declining trend. Population decline and amateur football game less and less foot is a common problem. Leshan City, the grass-roots amateur football only small and medium sized cities in China’s development of a miniature football, football is inseparable from the development and popularity of amateur football at all levels, grassroots development, and grassroots development of amateur football, but also inseparable from all sectors of society attention and care, without the relevant functional departments and professionals of hard work, we are sure to find and solve problems, to find the core of the problem in order to make the grass-roots amateur football to embark on a healthy path of sustainable development, thereby increasing the overall level of football in China. The development of local grass-roots football is the basis for the development of football throughout the country and do grassroots football development in the entire study will be beneficial to the development of Chinese football. Due to historical and institutional reasons, Leshan City football career development lags behind, in the final analysis is the basis of the development of amateur football is not perfect. Based on the basis of amateur football in Leshan City to carry out a comprehensive analysis to understand the status quo, the use of literature, interviews, questionnaires and statistical methods to study, to find the status quo does not lead to the development of sound elements, and for the grass-roots amateur Leshan City development of football in the summary analysis of existing problems, to seek the development of amateur football in Leshan City response. The results showed that:Leshan City, to carry out a certain amateur football development, but there are many problems. Poor infrastructure, inadequate funding, difficulties in the development and management team, league organization and management is unreasonable, do not attach importance to publicity, the insufficient number of referees, the development of freedom of the larger amateur team, the community’s concern is not so. Deal with the problems, the author proposes a number of specific suggestions and strategies, and with a view to the other grass-roots amateur football for the development of some useful reference.

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