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The Research on Intention and Inherit to Martialism

Author WuYongJie
Tutor JiCanZhong
School Henan Normal
Course Humane and Sociological Science of Sports
Keywords Martialism Wushu education Inherit
CLC G852
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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By way of examining the predicament of the Chinese Wushu development and the criticismexisting in school Wushu education, as well as the era needs on national spirits and culture, thispaper aims to focus on the "militarism" which has been treasured for a long time and is possiblyvery useful in the contemporary. It’s hoped to inspire this kind of treasure contained in the Chinesepeople blood and make them re-examine and benefit the value of the “martialism" throughresearching its new role and value in the school Wushu education led by the harmonious andcivilized era.Using the method of literature, expert interviews, logical analysis and other methods,researcher made an in-depth study on such issues as connotation, value, heritage of the “martialspirit", and the conclusions are as follows:" the martial spirit",to a certain extent, not onlydetermines a country and nation’s options and their welcome or not on war, but also determinesthe fate of a nation, which is the most original and most basic connotation of “martialism";"Martialism" belongs to the psychological aspects of the way of thinking, concept of values, moralsentiments, and national character, which is the innermost layer of the structural morphology ofWushu culture; The beneficial audience of the "Martial spirit" is no longer confined to a particulargroup or social class, but the basic moral sentiments and conduct of spirits of all the people shouldhave,as well as a vigorous, proactive, principle, adhere,conscientious, and not immoral lifeattitude; The promotion of the " the martial spirit" contributes to the multivariate functions’ fullplay of the martial arts fighting property, physical property a, and cultural attribute; Adding “themartial spirit" education and promotion into the school Wushu education is not only conducive tothe young students’ physical and mental development, but more beneficial for accelerating theprocess towards the construction of socialist harmonious society;"The advocating warrior traits of“the martial spirit" provides the most basic material resources for ministry defense skills education,and the fighting property, physical property of martial art is undoubtedly the most suitable meansand method of ministry defense skills education.In view of the above problems, this paper puts forward the corresponding countermeasuresfrom the following aspects: The remodeling and orientation of the value function of Martial arts image is the premise that "martialism" inherits in the primary and secondary school; Thepromotion of the primary and middle school Wushu education status, and the innovation of thepurpose, content and method are the key that" martial spirit" inherits; The local boxing becomingschool-based curriculum is the effective means that “martial spirit” inherits; Teachers, venues, andfacilities are the indispensable factors that “martialism” inherits; Wushu gymnastics coming intomiddle school and primary school recess is an extensive guarantee that “martialism” inherits; Toinherit "martialism" based on college public physical education class; To inherit "martialism"based on the College Wushu Association. And regard the college national traditional physicaleducation as the source of the "martialism" heritage.

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