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The Technology Training and Development Countermeasure Research of Zhizishou_one of Traditional Martial Arts

Author LiTong
Tutor MaShiKun
School Wuhan Institute of Physical Education
Course Ethnic Traditional Sports
Keywords Zhizishou Techniques Training mode Development countermeasures
CLC G852.1
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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With the situation of the total development of the Chinese Wushu up"heavytournament martial arts,neglect traditional martial arts","Heavy technique and lightculture"; and "pay attention to the martial arts dissemination of athletics mode, theboxing kind which neglects race cultural meaning spreads to accept". In this paper,from the standpoint of the carry forward traditional national culture, Zhizishou whichis a sone of the north send punch, with his Unique cultural symbols of the centralplains, have its own representative and uniqueness, need to further excavation andresearch; For Zhizishou its own development,its source and course development needto be attention and investigation. Zhizishou has its unique technical style and practicalfunction, and his Unique training mode to be scholars in-depth study and inheritance.With tis context, the author who os one of Zhizishou practitioners and one of thesuccessor,it is necessary to Zhizishou to explore the characteristics、development andresearch.First of all, the paper analyzed the support inheritance, techniques and trainingpattern of Zhizishou in detail. In the overview of history,we Analyzed the Zhizishou’sNaGu boxing belongs, its song and representative personage at all.Secondly, Among concrete statistics technical research, Zhizishou also has thecommonness of Chinese martial arts,such as,"eight element" and" inside triad,andoutside trine", the concept of boxing and defense, as well as many other boxing.Meanwhile, it has unique characteristics that is different from other boxing, theunique fist name pattern, loose and soft like tai chi,as"soft, lightweight, fast,fast like the tongbi’s" move ","line", etc.Afterword, this article selects Zhoukou city which is Zhizishou mainly heritagezone, with the local martial building school coaches and teachers, famous boxer,practicing martial arts as investigation object, the current martial building school ofthe teaching content, to support the hand, practicing hand support condition and soon has carried on the investigation. And it also achieved the satisfaction of Zhizishou’sinherits conditions,the social factors affecting the development of Zhizishou and the current development situation, facing to the development of Zhizishou’s cognitivelimitations, to inherit and protection measures to support, advice to Zhizishou’sfurther popularization and development present situation investigation measures, etc.Through the analysis of survey data as a result, in this paper, put forward somecountermeasures and Suggestions for the further development of Zhizishou. Forexample,using modern science and technology network platform, intensify thepropaganda of Zhizishou; Strengthen the cultural research system of Zhizishou,highlight the characteristics of the central plains culture; Open an exhibition word adoor the school martial arts of the boxing education by boxing kind the mode whichspread to accept; Useing modern science and technology, completes the informationinheritance of Zhizishou; employ the application characteristic of Zhizishou into themilitary training; Introduction of martial arts project,to promote Zhizishou,one of thetraditional martial arts, development in a popular style.

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