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The Risk Analysis of Swimming Athletes in Open Water

Author Tian
Tutor WangHu
School Beijing Sport University
Course Humane and Sociological Science of Sports
Keywords open water swimming risk
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Swimming, as a kind of physical exercise that can enhance physique, is widely popular. In recent years,open water swimming is more and more sought-after to a number of enthusiasts with its development because of its close to nature and the nature of "green movement". However, or account of environment particularity, it also has some potential risk. In order to help swimming enthusiasts understand the sport and enjoy its charm, basic seeurity awareness is essential.Open water swimming is a kind of sport in rivers, lakes, seas and other natural waters. As one of earliest records of human activity, people are attracted by its unique charm regardless of race, gender and age. China’s open water swimming activity has a long history. Compared with the traditional swimming, its swimming environment is different first. It needs smaller waves or tidal waters to flow naturally, and it has longer distance as well as deeper water. Second, the sport’s predictability is smaller, then participants must go through many painful trials and get ready to face the loneliness, psychological stress and physical pain, which requires their physical, psychological and other strong endufance and perseverance. Relative to pool swimming, open water swimming is like trail running to track running. Go outdoors, and fall in love with water. The swimmers can stretch their arms as much as they like, to find their own rhythm and enjoy nature comfortablely. But before enjoying open water swimming, swimmers must understand what they can do and make sure they can handle the situation by themselves. In addition, try to avoid unnecessary risk that inadequate preparation lead to.This article uses research methods including questionnaires, expert interviews, etc. The subjects are those who participated in open water swimming of2010Sports Festival, including athletes, coaches, some researchers and the people who love the sport, participants, fans, viewers. Studies have shown that athletes are not clear about the risk underestimation of the sport in generaland the risk that may arise, or there is no uniform concept of how to deal with the problem. Through the analysis on the results of the questionnaire, this paper summarizes common problems that may arise in the open water swimming and finds:(1)The environmental risks of open water swimmers are the most obvious. When the water quality is poor and aquatic organisms are more and more, sporters genearlly have the feeling of discomfort and instable psychological state; the uncontrollable factors such as fastor water flow and larger waves may easily lead to movement distortion. In addition, the state of motion decreases significantly. Both situations are likely to lead directly to the result that athletes can not finish the case.(2) Unexpected situations in swimming also bring a swimmer certain risk. Long-distance swimming dehydration and hypothermia of the movement are the most deadly danger, but through the reasonable training before movement and perfect logistics support can avoid such risks well.(3)Both organization of open water swimming and the basic situation of individuals can be controlled, and their risk is relatively small. The former can be held with an experienced organizer as well as a high-level judge; the latter controlled effectively through compulsory checkup and necessary health examination.(4)Movement risk exists in various sports, particularly in the events of mass sports.The problems and lesson it gives us are worthy of further study.

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