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Smartphone Consumers’Customer Value Hierarchy Deconstruction

Author SangZuoZuo
Tutor YuPing
School Dongbei University of Finance
Course Marketing
Keywords Smartphone Customer value Means-End Chain
CLC F274
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Nowadays, Smartphone is not only a concept of communication tool as mobile phone, it’s almost became a part of our daily life and even become a symbol of a way of life. North new media published microblog to comments as "Smartphone attached to each person’s hands, looks like appendage" to describe the phenomenon that customers are so keen to the Smartphone. So why does Smartphone have such huge viscous to consumers? What functions do they have can be so attractive to consumers? Why do consumers be attracted to these functions? What needs can be meet by these functions? And what’s the core customer value can be reflected by these needs? Product attributes, consumption consequences and personal values, what’re the contacts between them? To analysis and exploration the hierarchy of customer value of Smartphone consumers has both certain theoretical meaning and realistic meaning.The purpose of this paper is to study the customer value of Smartphone consumers, in other words, to deeply explore the Smartphone consumers’ customer values. In the background of present stage of China, according to the Means-end chain theory which be widely used to study the influence of consumer individual value on the consumption behavior, based on the study of iPhone consumers as a representative to deconstruct and analyze the customer value hierarchy system, to investigate the reasons why Smartphone can obtain so much consumer favorite. The article try to find, which one or a few elements of the customer value played the main role in influence consumers consuming behavior to buy Smartphone.Specifically, there are three objectives of this study:First, to deconstruct the Smartphone market consumer value hierarchy and to explore the elements of the Smartphone market consumer value hierarchy; Second, according to the Means-end Chain to reveal the inner relations between the product attributes, consumption consequences and personal values of Smartphone consumers; Three, to establish the structure chart of the main relation between product attributes, consumption consequences and personal values.The conclusion will be helpful to understand the core customer values of Smartphone consumers or even the part of Chinese consumers and will provide some reference opinions for these Smartphone manufacturers and other high-tech industry enterprises in product design, marketing and so on.This paper includes the following six parts:The first part, Introduction. The main subject of this part is to introduce the background, to clear about the research purpose, the research significance, and to introduce the research content, and the research methods.The second part, Literature review. Review of the literature of customer value, Means-End Chain as well as the related information about the Smartphone market of our country, to introduces the related research,concept and research results, etc.The third part, Establish the deconstruction model of Smartphone users’ customer value hierarchy. On the basis of previous studies, to establish the deconstruction model of Smartphone users’ customer value hierarchy and to explain the model, to make the research idea visualization, embodiment.The fourth part, Design the study of iPhone users’ customer value hierarchy.This part mainly to introduce the determination of research objects and measurement indicators. Based on the literatures and the interview of some iPhone users, to collect and sum up the elements of the hierarchy of product attributes and consumption consequences, then design the questionnaire, distribute and recover the questionnaires.The fifth part, Data analysis. With the SPSS software, to inspect the reliability and validity of the collected data. To determine the importance degree of the customer value hierarchy’s elements and the relations between them. The purpose is to establish the structure chart of iPhone users’ customer value and to provide the basis for distinguishing the main relation between product attributes, consumption consequences and personal values.The sixth part, Conclusion and enlightenment. To summarize and discuss the analysis results, then to form core point of this paper which is the Means-End Chain of iPhone users’ customer value, clarify the marketing enlightenment to the Smartphone production enterprises and other related high-tech industries. At last points out the limitations and shortcomings of this study.

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