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Research on Efficient LED Lighting Module Key Parameters and Detection Tecnnology

Author WangLe
Tutor ZhangShuSheng
Course Optical Engineering
Keywords LED Compound parabolic conccntrator Luminous effieiency space chromaticityconsistency detection method
CLC TN312.8
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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With Light mitting diode (LED) brightness rising, it has been gradually applied from the decorative display to the lighting application, and is becoming to the fourth-generation lighting source. As people all over the world call for energy saving and emission reduction, people ask for higher requirements to the photoelectric color parameters of lighting products. And a kind of high efficiency, low cost, and environmental protection lighting is to be the ultimate objective of the majority of lighting business development. However, the efficiency of matching optical device has not developed as fast as the white light high power LED luminaire source, which restricts the development of LED in lighting field. The main optical devices that influenced the efficiency of LED luminaire are reflective sheeting, reflective cup and lens etc.This issue studied on LED module luminous efficiency, space chromaticity consistency and detection methods, the main topics of this research work contained the following aspects:With respect to Luminous efficiency, a method of modeling is described to improve the LED luminous efficiency in this paper:that is, researching on the modeling of efficiency LED reflector cup based on TracePro. It is verificated that the correctness and feasibility of the optimized model through deriving the theoretical formula of achieving the accurate modeling of optical devices in optical software. It’s demonstrated the emitting efficiency of LED downlight can be effectively improved by15Lm/W through the optimized optical models.With respect to the uniformity of spatial chroma of LED modules, several solutions is used to solve this problem through analyzing the causes. Combined with material case, we systematically analyzed and studied the uniformity of the spatial chroma, and it is found that’yellow Halo’of small angel spotlights and the non-uniformity of the spatial chroma have been solved with using improved LED luminaries, which can meet the requirements of the United States Energy Star. Through interpreting and analyzing standard, summarizes the existing testing method of LED module photoelectric color performance parameter. Focued on the analysis of the contrasting light and color parameters testing instruments and methods of different types of LED luminaire, especially on luminous flux, light intensity, color parameter test method. Through the investigation to the light color parameter common testing equipment and method at domestic and abroad, analyses the existing problems and solutions. According to the accuracy light and color parameters of luminaires, this paper puts forward several correct methods, gives the correct coefficient formula.

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