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Research and test method of mounting components surface passive

Author WangYaJing
Tutor TangZongXi
School University of Electronic Science and Technology
Course Electromagnetic Field and Microwave Technology
Keywords passive surface-mounted device RF band test fixture calibration method
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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While the modern electronic circuits are integrated and miniaturized, the passivesurface mounted devices (SMD) gradually become the mainstream of electronic design,including RF circuit. So it is crucial to test the parameters of the SMD in the RF bandfor the design of electronic circuits. The measurement of the passive SMD is mainlyconcentrated in the low frequency band (generally lower than1GHz). It is not yetmature for high frequency test technology, and it is also lack of suitable testing methodsat home. This thesis has a series of research on the test of the passive SMD in RF band,and more successful methods are obtained.The main research works are as follows:1. Through the analysis of relevant technology at home and abroad, based on thephysical characteristics of the passive surface mounted components, in this thesis it isdetermined a method which combines the network analysis technology with themicrostrip transmission test method to test the SMD.2. By analyzing the calibration methods and error models of the two-port network,in the thesis the TRL calibration model for the test system is adopted, and ten relevanterror parameters are determined. And also, the formulas for calculating the errorparameters and the true values of S parameters are derived.3. According to the design requirements, a Series-Thru test circuit in2~12GHz forTRL calibration is created. On this basis a mechanical structure of the test fixture isdesigned to optimize the performances of the TRL calibration and testing circuits of thePCB, so that it can improve the applicability of the test method and the test system.4. In the thesis an automatic test system is designed to realize the automation ofcalibration and test. The automatic control programs realize the computer control anddata acquisition to the vector network analyzer. The calibration and calculationprocedures complete the extraction of the parameters of RF passive surface-mounteddevices.The test system and the relevant software have been debugged. After calibrated thetest system and measured the surface-mounted capacitors, the change characteristics of the capacitor parameters with frequency are obtained. The curves changing laws areconsistent with the basic characteristics of the surface mounted capacitors in RF band.At the same time, the surface-mounted resistors and inductors are measured by thissystem, and we its relevant parameters are got. And the system also shows goodrepeatability by the repeated test. By analyzing a series of the test results, we verify thatthe test methods and the test systems are reliable, this research approach is feasible andthe theoretical analysis is correct.

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