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Research and Application of Dynamic Debugging Algorithm for Digital Circuit Virtual Laboratory Based on Web2.0

Author XiongTao
Tutor WuXiangQian
School Xinjiang University
Course Control Theory and Control Engineering
Keywords Petri net XML Depth-first traversal Digital circuit troubleshootingalgorithm ActionScript script
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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With the development of information technology in education, virtual digital circuit lab software needs to increase, but there are many problems to build virtual digital circuit, troubleshooting of virtual digital circuit is one of the important issues.Virtual digital circuit troubleshooting algorithm is the main research contents of this article. The article is mainly to do the work in three areas:Firstly, classify and summarize the common error of the digital circuit, secondly, by research on network theory, graph theory and data structures eventually developed a depth-first traversal algorithm based on Petri nets, this algorithm can solve the digital circuit troubleshooting problems, finally, using FlexBuilder development platform based on Web2.0program algorithm, realization of troubleshooting system zero installation, zero configuration, makes the system easily extensible, easy to maintain, and interactive. In this article, completed two innovation, first of all, the article uses the Petri network depth-first traversal through the exploration of the basic theory and research, this algorithm is a domestic initiation. Secondly, troubleshooting algorithm uses FlexBuilder platform as well as a variety of software technology programming, system troubleshooting algorithm is easily extensible, interactive and has other features. This article is very good to avoid errors because errors and confusion of the concept of connection as well as connection is incomplete when students build digital circuit, etc., followed by the implementation of the article laid the foundation for the teaching of the virtual digital circuit, contributed to the development of national education, the last of this article provides a reference for follow-up of other circuit troubleshooting guide. Depth-first traversal based on Petri net uses Petri net concepts, theories, and model through the depth-first traversal of the digital circuit, and ultimately the function of the virtual digital circuit troubleshooting. Entire troubleshooting system on the whole is divided into troubleshooting and circuit when the circuit structures were set up after the completion of troubleshooting. The FlexBuilder fusion of the rich Internet technology with interaction, able to carry a variety of data services, and client configuration is simple and flexible, so the article on the algorithm implementation using the FlexBuilder development platform based on Web2.0, by using the ActionScript script language and extensible Markup language (XML) programming algorithm. The framework of the article is that the user on the client browser to access the virtual digital circuit platform, sent the XML data of digital circuit to the server side through use of SET service by HTTPService real-timely, server-side identifies the legality of circuit by debugging algorithm and then returns the results to the client, ultimately achieve the troubleshooting of virtual digital circuit. Through continuous verification proves that the debugging system is safe, stable, and powerful. This article relying on digital circuit virtual laboratory platform was put into operation in mid-May2012in the Xinjiang University. School of Electrical Engineering on the home page, the system gets a certificate issued by the National Copyright Administration of the People’s Republic of China.Integrity of the identification error in the process of digital circuit and structures in the circuit after the completion of structures in the virtual digital circuit platform based on Web2.0environment, the digital circuit experiment dynamic debugging algorithm can operate well. The system can detect errors when user uses the virtual digital circuit laboratory to build the circuit digital, correct the incorrect connection style as well as non-integrity of connection, provide the basis evidence for the correctness and legitimacy when the digital circuit were build up in the digital virtual laboratory.

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