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Design of an Array Antenna and a Feed Network of High Power

Author YangTao
Tutor FuGuang
School Xi'an University of Electronic Science and Technology
Course Electromagnetic Field and Microwave Technology
Keywords array antennas low sidelobe feed network high power broadband
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Micrositrip array antenna and the feed network of array antenna are becoming animportant research subjects in antenna field at home and abroad. The micrositrip arrayantenna fed by the form of slot-coupled and the feed network of strip line in the stateof high power are researched mainly in this paper.The first party of this paper, with the need of a project for MIMO systems, amicrositrip array antenna which is4х4elements and is fed by the form ofslot-coupled,is presents. This array antenna achieve low sidelobeand broadband. The array antennain the need frequency band can achieve the vswr lower than1.5and the Gain higherthan19dB.In the second part, the feed network of planar array antenna which use in radarsystem is researched. This part research mainly how to improve the power capacity ofthe feed network in the state of high power. The analysis and summary of error of onein four power divider which make up with the Wilkinson power divider cascading, forsimulation and measurement under the condition that whether there is an isolationresistance or not, is discussed. The one in four of power divider feed network withusing the way of waveguide tee junction which do notinclude isolation resistance isdesigned. Finally, aone in twelve of power divider network feed is simulated andoptimized with part of the isolation resistance removed, as guaranteeing the outputcharacteristics nice and reaching the purpose of improving its’ power capacity.

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